These Funnily Terrible Portraits Of Famous People Drawn By This ‘Artist’ Are Awfully ‘Accurate’

There lives a guy in Italy named Matteo Carta. During his work hours, he’s a wedding photographer but in his free time, he’s an aspiring celebrity portrait artist. He uploads his portraits to Instagram and Twitter, and he gets fairly decent attention for his works.

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You see, these portraits are not what you’d expect celebrity drawings to be: they’re not highly-detailed, super-realistic ‘works of art’ that everyone drools over. On the contrary, they’re drawn in a hilariously bad, amateur-ish kind of way. But that’s why his fans love him. And despite the terrible quality of the ‘artworks’, you can still see that the drawings express part of the essence of well-known celebrities’ features.

“The idea of making these portraits came to me 2 years ago while I was watching some content on Instagram. Scrolling around, I found an artist named ‘Tw1tterPicasso’, and there I opened my eyes to the world of bad artwork (you can check out our article on Tw1tterPicasso here). Inspired by his style, I created my own quest to become the worst artist in the world using mainly celebrities, actors and important people for inspiration” – the artist told Bored Panda.

We certainly support Matteo in his unconventional and unique dream to become the ‘World’s Worst Artist’, and invite you to check out his work. By the end of the article, you’ll probably appreciate the beauty of celebrities and real works of art more, or perhaps you’ll become a new fan of this ironic, terrible-yet-funny art. In any case, we hope you’ll enjoy it.

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