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This Brush You Hold With Your Mouth Lets You Lick Your Cat

Sometimes the idea of making something so weird outweighs the actual usefulness of the item. Take for instance this cat brush that you hold in your mouth and use it by fake licking your cat with each stroke of the giant tongue brush sticking out of your mouth. Not only does this most likely not work at all in regards to actually brushing your cat, but also just makes you look like a complete idiot while using it, so it’s essentially a lose-lose situation.

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The LICKI Brush, developed by PDXPetDesign, as so it’s called is made up of a number of silicone bristles that attach to a mouth guard like part of the device where you can bite down to hold onto the brush. To use it simply approach your cat with a giant rubber tongue in your mouth and ease into a slow licking movement on their back or head while they’re sleeping or in an otherwise pleasant mood. Since for cats it’s mutually beneficial to be licked, don’t be surprised if they start licking you back.

This weird product started as a Kickstarter campaign few years back, then reached it’s goal, and now is available on Amazon, however, if you’re planning to get one for yourself, you should think really hard before clicking that BUY button, because this thing is pretty much 99% useless.

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