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Stunning Photographs of Bronze Traffic Signal Towers in New York City From the 1920s

New York Traffic Signal Tower 1

In the early 20th century, New York’s Fifth Avenue faced severe congestion, with a mix of horses, carriages, pedestrians, street cars, bicycles, and automobiles vying for space.


New York Traffic Signal Tower 2

This often led to long delays and frequent collisions, negatively impacting local businesses. Dr. John A. Harriss, a wealthy physician and the city’s traffic commissioner, played a crucial role in alleviating this issue by funding the construction and maintenance of the first traffic towers introduced on February 16, 1920. These towers, equipped with hand-operated signals controlled by traffic officers, significantly improved traffic flow.

New York Traffic Signal Tower 3

On May 16, 1921, New York City approved the installation of five new, more advanced traffic towers along Fifth Avenue, with two additional towers later added, thanks to The Fifth Avenue Association. Designed by Joseph H. Freedlander and manufactured by the John A. Polachek Bronze and Iron Co., these 24-foot-tall bronze towers featured synchronized clocks and tolled the hours. The first of these new towers began operating on December 14, 1922, at Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street, marking a significant step forward in traffic management. By April 27, 1925, a new city law simplified the signal system to just red for “stop” and green for “go,” streamlining traffic flow further.

New York Traffic Signal Tower 4
New York Traffic Signal Tower 5
New York Traffic Signal Tower 6

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