Superb Paper Art Creations Of The Contemporary Artist Bianca Severijns

Bianca Severijns creates her artworks through a conscientious exploration of paper. She perfected an original artistic style in her beloved paper medium that is constructed by esthetically weaving, merging and layering hand-torn pieces.

Severijns is a Dutch-Israeli self-taught contemporary paper artist that in 2012 established her “Peace of Paper” studio in the Tel Aviv area. Art for Severijns began as a study of the cycles of nature and progressed to social and humanistic themes. Her artworks maintain a pure and hand-made feel that tell stories which carry imperfections symbolic of life itself.

In her former “Earth Skins Series”, Severijns’ artworks focused on paper texture and abstract compositions that were inspired by nature. She was especially intrigued by the cycle point at which there is total bareness, vulnerability, decay and disintegration. She captured these temporalities by photographing nature, mostly in a contrasting urban setting, and used the images as a source of inspiration. The decay can be observed in various works of this series in which fallen leaves and dried-up grass portray the moment just before the stage of rotting, yet still graceful and beautiful.

“As a contemporary paper artist, my art is a physical representation of my ongoing reflective journey. It is paper art, molded by instinct and an intellect influenced by intuition. My art begins with virginal white paper, on its way to becoming something else, an alteration, a complex form.

My medium is paper pieces, hand-torn with a gentle physicality that removes the newborn softness and creates a unique ruggedness that contains encounters, travels, reflections, love, loss and happiness. Each layer is composed of paper pieces in all shapes and sizes, which serve as a basis for the next layer, minute, day, year or experience.”

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