Lexus UX Crossover Gets Tyre Inspired By Nike Air Force 1 Shoes

2019 Lexus UX compact city crossover brings with it a new and unique offer, specially designed tyres. The collaborative effort sees Lexus partner with designer John Elliott to create custom tyres inspired by his John Elliott x Nike AF1 shoe. It’s being termed “Sole of the UX”.

The tyre inspiration comes from Elliott’s sneaker’s classic silhouette that ties together a clean, purposeful, and modern design. A blend of characters that UX crossover itself embodies. The tyres are itself inspired by and designed for the city, much like UX.

John Elliott x Nike AF1 shoe inspired ‘Sole of the UX’ tyres have been revealed at Elliott’s New York Fashion Week after-party over the weekend. The final product is an all-white UX with custom tyre details inspired by Elliott’s design. Custom design bits include white on white layers, double-stitched leather and a stepped metal air valve that borrows from the stacked metal lace tip in the sneaker.

“The first-ever Lexus UX was engineered and designed for the city,’ said Lisa Materazzo, Lexus VP of marketing. We wanted to push that concept even further by creating the ultimate homage to urban style: tires inspired by classic, street-style sneakers.”

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