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Artist Creates Quirky Illustrations Using An iPhone And Some Paper

Anshuman Ghosh is a visual artist based in South Africa who creates quirky illustrations that revolve around his iPhone.

He finds suitable inspiration from everyday occurrences, common observations and more importantly, things that he loves. Each cut paper illustration casts the illusion that his phone is something that it is not, using brightly colored drawings that have been cut up and layered into these fun and newly transformed scenarios.

His vibrant ideas are both simple and clever, like two classics such as the Rubix Cube being sliced and transformed into a Tetris game or a paper being shredded into the iPhone only leaving the strips on screen. All in all his talents definitely will leave a smile on your face.

“I like to carry my idea notebook with me everywhere in case something inspires me. Once the initial sketch is done, I get down to preparing the illustrations and the paper cutouts which I arrange when I am ready to shoot. I use 160 gsm paper and a standard stationery kit to create the artworks. Depending on the complexity of the work at hand, it takes me between 2 to 4 hours to complete an artwork from start to finish. And given that I have a full-time day job to keep me busy, I am up until 1 AM every night finishing my artworks,” artist told Bored Panda.

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