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Stunning Underwater Scultpures Near Maldives By Jason deCaires Taylor

Jason deCaires Taylor is a specialist of ghost sculptures. Generally placed into a urban place, where they become a monument and a symbol of a city, sculptures are not done to be hidden. On the contrary, they are here to impress and to dominate the city landscape.

Not for deCaires Taylor. He prefers indeed to place his artworks into insolite spaces and to decorate new unexplored regions. That is why he places his sculptures under the sea, creating a stunning “ancient” effect, giving the impression of a passing time. In his last project, he created an entire underwater museum in Shaviyani, at the Maldives islands. The idea is to “open the visitor to a new vision and a new way of pereceiving the world” the artist explains.

More: Jason deCaires Taylor h/t: fubiz

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