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Mine Kafon Project by Massoud Hassani

The Mine Kafon is a low-cost wind-powered mine detonator with the appearance of a giant spiky-armed tumbleweed.

Currently it is at a prototype stage and we are looking for support in order to turn it into a reality. If successful, we will be able to develop the prototype and test it in real minefields. Filmmaker Callum Cooper will also produce a documentary that will raise awareness on this global issue.

MINE KAFON is a Winner in the $200,000 FOCUS FORWARD Filmmaker Competition, and is vying for the $100,000 Grand Jury Prize, to be announced January 22 at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. It has also been recognized as an Audience Favorite. Learn more about the Competition and FOCUS FORWARD at focusforwardfilms.com

In countries with war-ravaged pasts, concealed landmines pose a silent, hidden threat. Lurking underground for years, they risk throwing open fresh wounds in communities which are just beginning to heal.

Afghanistan, a country with a long history of war, is dotted with these subterranean dangers. According to one report, about 1 million Afghans live within 500 meters of areas expected to contain landmines. Recently, a group of 10 girls lost their lives when they encountered a hidden mine on a routine outing to gather wood. On average, landmines claim about 42 lives every month.

This “Mine Kafon” is a spherical mobile made out of biodegradable plastic and bamboo. It’s light enough that the wind would–in theory–push it around naturally. But it is also heavy enough to set off landmines as it rolls over them.

With each detonation the Mine Kafon loses just one or two legs so it could potentially destroy three or four landmines in one journey.

The Mine Kafon, at this prototype stage, has been exhibited at the London Design Museum, Milan Design Week, Helsinki Museum, Dutch Design Week, Lodz Design Festival and acquired by MOMA in New York. Although it’s been a great experience to have the Mine Kafon exhibited, we really designed it with the hope of deploying it in an actual minefield.

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