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These Marine-Themed Cakes Are The Coolest Treats We’ve Seen In A While

The Covid-19 pandemic has made vacationing in a tropical island paradise a lot harder this year, but you can satisfy your craving for tropical destinations as well as your sweet tooth with some ultra-realistic paradise island cakes. We didn’t even know something like that even existed, but it turns out some cake masters are so skilled that they can recreate a tropical island setting using regular baking ingredients, food coloring and jelly.

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Looking at some of these elaborate cakes, it’s hard to believe that they are 100% percent edible. Just look at the details in some of them, from the foamy waves to the marine wildlife and even the edible sand.

Christina Dolnik, a bakery artist from Ukraine, is a real sorceress when we talk about cooking and confectionery. Everything she does, particularly in the cake direction, is just great.

“The main thing for me is to make cakes realistic, beautiful and delicious,” says a 32-year-old confectioner from Ukraine.

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