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Bertone and Citroën Collaborate on Futuristic 1972 Citroën GS Camargue Concept


The Citroën GS Camargue was a concept car based on the Citroën GS, presented as a two-door coupé with 2+2 seating. It was designed by Bertone. It used GS mechanical components, and was the same overall length, but 6 cm (2.4 in) wider. It was presented in 1972 at the Geneva Motor Show. Historically, this is the first collaboration between Bertone and Citroën, which later produced the successful BX.



The concept car was first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 1972 and at the London Motor Show in the same year.

When Bertone chiefs first heard about Citroën wanting to create an elegant, luxurious 2+2 type car, they had presented the project almost immediately. A project that the French could not say “no” to. Avoiding the high cost of car creation and production, Citroën asked the colleagues from Italy to take advantage of the GS model chassis and other components. The only area where Bertone specialists could improvise was the exterior design.


The elegant GS Camargue had a four-cylinder Boxer-type engine with air cooling that could reach 55 HP. Because initially, GS Camargue had to be a French brand’s flagman, the elegant coupe was equipped with hydropneumatic suspension. It would ensure the highest level of comfort for those sitting inside.


Still, the futuristic GS Camargue exterior brought up the most discussions. Looking from the front, it reminded of a luxurious sedan, from a side – a hatchback, and from the back, the design made by Bertone engineers looked similar to the American Dodge Charger.


Courageous decisions by Bertone designers were welcomed with ovation and applause in Geneva Motor Show. However, Citroën executives saw the car from a different perspective. The first car of a joint venture went to Citroën museum, whereas Bertone went back to the drawing board. In 1982, they surprised the whole world with Citroën BX.


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