What If Game Of Thrones Characters Worked In An Ad Agency


You know “Game of Thrones“, now take a look at “Game of Agencies“, a humorous illustration series by the Mumbai-based advertising agency Chimp&z Inc.

h/t: buzzfeed, demilked, boredpanda


The series provides GoT characters with jobs in an ad agency, giving them roles based on their character traits. For example, Tyrion Lannister becomes a copywriter because of his smarts and uncontrollable drinking habits, while the Unsullied become designers because despite their skills they are bound to listen to their master – the art director.


As the guys from Chimp&z Inc explained to BuzzFeed: “We wanted to create something fun. After a lot of creative brain farts we came up with an idea that merges agency life with the upcoming season of the show. Not only giving people in the industry content that they can relate to but also giving people from other industries a relatable insight into daily life at an advertising agency.”


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