Artist Jay Shells Unveils The ‘Metropolitan Etiquette Authority’ – Design You Trust

Artist Jay Shells Unveils The ‘Metropolitan Etiquette Authority’

Jay Shells has finally unveiled all the signs in his latest etiquette project ad has started placing them around Manhattan. His signs not only make the cross the message clear but are also funny. In addition to the much needed “Pay Attention While Walking” sign he had a few others addressing some of the pet peeves bound to eat away at New Yorkers. His “Pull Up Your Pants” sign is by far the best. Also the “Clean Up After Your Horse,” sign is a direct message to the NYPD and their habit of not cleaning the mess their horses make. There’s also one going after the nasty habits of smokers when it comes to discarding their butts and although we hate that as much as the next person, think there’s already enough signs against them.

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