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Get Ready to Explore the United States Like Never Before with Nathan W Pyle’s New Illustration Series


With over 6 million avid followers on Instagram, Nathan W Pyle has made a name for himself as an American artist who excels at weaving comical tales about extraterrestrial beings.

However, his latest project is focused on the states of the United States. The first seven posts of his “USA Geography” series showcase Ohio, Missouri, Oklahoma, Minnesota, California, South California, and Kansas.

Pyle’s new collection features 22 endearing illustrations that are characterized by a playful, doodle-like style. Each drawing depicts a cartoon character in the shape of the U.S., with a unique attribute that represents a particular state. We’ve assembled a list of all the states that Pyle has shared up to now. Keep a close eye on his social media profiles to catch each new installment of his ongoing series so that you do not miss out on your home state!

More: Instagram h/t: boredpanda


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