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The Visionary Austrian Engineer Who Gave Birth to a Housekeeping Robot in the 1950s


In a world where women have fought tirelessly for their freedom and autonomy, it seems the answer to their dreams may come in the form of a robot. A robot that can do everything from answering phones to pouring a cup of tea without spilling a single drop. And who is the mastermind behind this technological breakthrough? None other than Viennese engineer Claus Scholz.



Scholz’s creations, the MM7 Selektor machine and its successor, the MM9, are a testament to his vision of a future where machines can perform any normal chore. But Scholz’s ambition doesn’t stop there. He dreams of creating a machine that can think for itself, one that can replicate the thinking processes of the human brain.


Of course, these robots aren’t perfect. They must be plugged into an electrical outlet by a human being. But Scholz hopes to invent robots that can run on batteries in the future. However, the question remains, will they be able to turn themselves off and on?


As we contemplate the possibilities of this robot revolution, one thing is clear: Scholz’s creations have the potential to revolutionize the way women live their lives. They can free women from the burden of mundane chores, giving them more time to pursue their passions and dreams. And who knows? Maybe one day, we’ll have robots that can do it all, from cleaning the house to running a business. The possibilities are endless, and it all started with a simple cup of tea.


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