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Fascinating Portraits of a Young and Beautiful Pattie Boyd in the 1960s

Pattie Boyd Portrait 1

Pattie Boyd, born on March 17, 1944, inspired iconic songs and was married to George Harrison and Eric Clapton. Her influence is evident in hits like “Something,” “Layla,” and “Wonderful Tonight.”

A renowned model, Boyd graced the pages of Vogue and appeared in commercials, meeting Harrison during “A Hard Day’s Night” filming in 1964 and marrying him two years later. Their marriage was part of the vibrant Swinging London scene. The relationship dynamics shifted in the early ’70s, leading to Boyd leaving Harrison for Clapton in 1974, yet maintaining friendships with both. Boyd’s experiences highlight the challenges of being close to The Beatles, facing aggressive fan behavior. She and Harrison remained friends after their divorce, with him marrying Olivia Trinidad Arias.

h/t: vintag.es

Pattie Boyd Portrait 2
Pattie Boyd Portrait 3
Pattie Boyd Portrait 4
Pattie Boyd Portrait 5
Pattie Boyd Portrait 6
Pattie Boyd Portrait 7
Pattie Boyd Portrait 8
Pattie Boyd Portrait 9
Pattie Boyd Portrait 10
Pattie Boyd Portrait 11
Pattie Boyd Portrait 12
Pattie Boyd Portrait 13
Pattie Boyd Portrait 14
Pattie Boyd Portrait 15
Pattie Boyd Portrait 16
Pattie Boyd Portrait 17
Pattie Boyd Portrait 18
Pattie Boyd Portrait 19
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