Bizarre Handbags and Fashion Accessories Created from Roadkill

Critter creative Reid Peppard uses dead wildlife and pets to fashion everything from clutch bags, bracelets and coin purses to bowties and headdresses. The 29-year-old takes a needle and thread to dead crows, rats, pigeons, squirrels and even whole foxes. Continue reading »

6-Legged Lamb Born in Georgia Plus 16 Other Bizarre Creatures

The six-legged lamb was born in a small village called Velistikhe in the republic of Georgia. The baby lamb has four legs in the front and two legs in the back. It appears to have at least partial control of each leg, according to The Daily Mail. The lamb also seems to be a hermaphrodite. It has both male and female sex organs.

However, bizarre creatures are born more often than not – from two headed pigs, to four-eared cats, to albino turtles. Here is a photo of the six-legged lamb plus 16 other bizarre creatures. Continue reading »

The Month in Fashion: Bizarre Trends from Ramps around the World

A model presents a creation during the 2012 Korea Hair Collection in Seoul December 6, 2011. (Reuters) Continue reading »

Bizarre Fashion Shoot Highlights Territorial Dispute Between South Korea and Japan

South Korean models in traditional outfits pose during a fashion show on Ulleung island on August 10. The show aimed to promote the country’s sovereignty over the nearby islets of Dokdo, which are claimed by both South Korea and Japan. (Kim Mi-Ock / AFP – Getty Images) Continue reading »