Boat Roofed Shed in Wales

Boat Roofed shed is Owned by sheddie: Alex Holland. The roof is an upturned boat! It is located at an altitude of 750ft above sea level in the Cambrian Mountain range near Machynlleth in mid Wales. It is full of nautical nonsense befitting a boat turned upside down up a mountain! It has a 20w solar panel trickle feeding a leisure battery which powers 3 pairs of ultra-brite L.E.D. lights and a 12v sound system. There is a 12v/gas refrigerator and a bottled gas cooker with 2 burners, a grill, and an oven.

Also has a small ‘Belfast sink’ plumbed in. It is heated by a 19th century French enamel wood burning stove. The chimney is an old king pole from a circus big top that used to house elephants know as ‘The elephant shed’! The shed is made completely from recycled materials except for the 12v system. 3 sets of chimes from inside mantelpiece clocks have been screwed into the centre board of the boat and you can play them with a big nail.

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