Toilet Timer: The Anatomically Significant Sand Timer For Procrastinators

Adam Stephey and Elliot Worth from Normal, IL have one helpful tip to improve your life: spend less time doing your (ahem) “business” in the bathroom. That’s why they created a product called the Toilet Timer.

The Toilet Timer is a cleverly designed sand timer that will give you 5 minutes to get your business done. Toilet Timer Tommy keeps time for you by emptying his contents (sand) into his tiny toilet. Spending less time in the bathroom increases your productivity and fosters peace in your home.

“My wife noticed when I went into the bathroom, especially if I took my phone, I got lost in a time trap,” says Adam, creator of the Toilet Timer. “ I invented the Toilet Timer to help people like me get their business done and move on!”

To take the Toilet Timer to market, Adam and Elliot have launched a Kickstarter campaign to find the resources and support they need to make the Toilet Timer a reality. The creators work in cubicles by day but are entrepreneurs by night, creating “interesting products for interesting people.” Some of their other product lines include (retro video game cleaning products), and, an app for tracking sobriety from habits and addictions. This is their first Kickstarter campaign.

More info: Kickstarter, Facebook

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