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These Botanical Temporary Tattoos Smell Just Like The Plants That Inspired Them

The Brooklyn-based company that specializes in designy temporary tattoos has teamed up with Jeannerot for the visuals and Agilex Fragrances for the aromas to create the Bouquet Garni Set, a collection of parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme scented tattoos that look and smell just like the plants that inspired them.

Featuring a subtle palette of greens, the tattoos are also printed with vegetable-based ink, which makes them safe and non-toxic. Their ephemeral nature is part of the charm: they only last for up to 3 days.

More info: Tattly (h/t: konbini)

“For this third Scented Tattly collaboration, we once again turned to Agilex Fragrances to develop the unique and subtle fragrance. The top notes include Red Thyme, Italian Bergamot, Sheer White Spice Accord; the middle notes feature Parsley Leaf, Moroccan Rosemary, Wild Sage; and the bottom notes contain White Musk, Clear Musk, and White Sandalwood.”

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