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This Is What Happens When Barbie Faces The Struggles Of Living In NYC


If you’ve ever been brave enough to venture into the adult world pf NYC as a twentysomething, you know just how difficult normal, daily activities can be! As magical as the city can be, everything seems to be an expensive, uphill battle.

But when city life is at it’s toughest, you can always turn to Honest NYC Barbie. She knows all about your struggle and is here to commiserate with you. Feel like a tiny, doll-sized person in the big city? Honest NYC Barbie feels that way all the time too.

“Barbie, In a love/hate relationship with my city.”

Between the $116 metro card, falling trash dangers, insane summer humidity, Tinder fails, and sky high food prices, Honest NYC Barbie captures the daily ups and downs of living in the city. You’ll never have to struggle alone again!

“I have no words for what’s happening to me right now. #pleasesendhelp”


“Yep. Broke a heel. #thiscityisfilthy”


“Yeah I think I’m gonna cross anyway.”


“Aaaaand of course I forget a hair tie when there’s 90% humidity.”


“I know. Don’t judge me. #soexpensive”


“6 bucks for juice!? You gotta be kidding me!?”


“If I take another step I think my feet will turn to dust.”


“Where the f*ck am I?”


“Ha! Not today, falling pile of trash! Not today!”


“Is the day over? Good.”


“Bottomlesssss bruuuuunncchhhhhh.”


“Dear god, why am I here? #timessquare”


“Nope. #wholefoodsmarket”


“That awkward moment when you trip down the subway stairs.”


If you enjoy the Honest NYC Barbie account, also checkout her West Coast cousin – a Hipster Barbie. It pokes fun at superficial social media trends.

Via So Bad So Good, Mashable

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