The ‘Free Hug Sofa’ Is Designed To Mimic The Feeling Of A Warm Embrace


The ‘Free Hug Sofa’ is a unusual loveseat that mimics the feeling of a warm embrace. After a long day of work, many people unwind by sinking into their favorite spot on the sofa. This couch provides an even more relaxing experience by wrapping the user in a warm hug.

h/t: trendhunter, mymodernmet, fubiz


The Free Hug Sofa was created by designer Eun Kyoung Lee as an entry for the A’ Design Award & Competition. The Free Hug Sofa differs from a normal loveseat in that the arm rests are replaced by two movable cushions. These cushions can be wrapped around the user to mimic the familiar feeling of a warm embrace. The malleability of the cushions also allows the user to adopt different positions for maximum comfort.


According to Lee, “It will hold you warm and soft like your mother, friend, and a lover without feeling lonely.”


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