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Artist Brings Old Watch Parts To Life With Awesome Steampunk Sculptures

It’s often the discarded and what’s thought to be of no use that ends up providing that little extra something special.

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Susan Beatrice creates impressive steampunkish sculptures by recycling pocket watch parts. She seems to have a knack for taking what many would see as a lifeless hunk of metal, and impressively crafting it into a beautiful display of meticulous artistry and beautiful imagination. Her work really does seem to give these items new life! It makes sense that through her recycled art, she is keeping a very nature-conscious theme in mind

“Combining talent and imagination with a love of nature, the designs are created with the environment in mind. Recycled, upcycled and repurposed objects are combined with natural elements into unique, Earth-friendly and artistic items sensitive to the limits of our natural resources.”

“All Natural Arts is a celebration of nature in the form of jewelry and other fun and whimsical items. Using sea glass, stones and other natural elements as well as vintage watches, jewelry pieces, and found objects to create one of a kind treasures for you to enjoy or to give as gifts.”

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