This Bizarre Romper Gives Your Baby A Cat’s Tail From Behind!


Have fashion designers lost their minds? Probably, but check out this adorable — albeit weird — kitty cat romper for babies, designed by ekoD Works.

h/t: lostateminor, rocketnews24


This Japanese clothing label prides itself on creating ‘humorous art and design’ and they certainly hit the nail on the head with the Mimic Rompers Neko. Made from all-cotton, this little jumpsuit doesn’t actually have a hole in the butt (though how very convenient if it did!), but cool art makes it appear as though it does.


The romper can be worn by kids between six and 11 months, and you can buy your own from Village Vanguard. We’ve got a feeling it’s what every expectant mother would love to receive at her baby shower.


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