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Temporary Tattoos Are Back, And They’re Better Than Ever

If you were lucky enough to have grown up in the 90s, you probably remember transfer tattoos. Cut one, apply on clean skin, press down with a damp towel and hold for a few seconds – and there, you have a tattoo for the next seven to twelve days! They were all the rage back then, but then they sort of… vanished. These tattoos weren’t suitable for teens or adults – they were silly, childish, and their quality was questionable. Once the initial excitement was over, they simply weren’t good enough to last.

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Well, we’re glad to tell you that they’re back, and this time, they’re better, stronger, and sleeker than ever before. New brands like Ink Me, Kate Broughton and Tattly are now providing transfer tattoos for adults, inspired by the latest trends in the world of body art.

Unlike their predecessors, these tattoos are much more durable. The old generation of tatts felt like a sticker slapped onto your skin, but these guys – they feel like part of your skin. They won’t rub off but simply fade with time.

Who are they for? Well, everybody, but especially folks who love body art, but aren’t ready to commit to permanent ink, can’t decide what to get, or want to have a test drive before they sign up for the real thing. It’s also for folk who simply want to spice up their look temporarily, or simply look for some fun.

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