Bold Line Drawings Layered On Top Of Deconstructed Images Of Fruit, Flowers, And Animals In Tattoos By Mattia Mambo

Tattoos are a glorious art form, but people have a tendency to take them pretty seriously. Which is probably wise. They do hurt, they are on your body forever (unless you fancy going through lazer removal), and they do reveal a lot about who you are. It makes sense that you would want to take time to make sure your tattoo really means something.

Mattia Mambo is an Italian tattoo artist who’s getting loads of attention for his colourful ‘deconstructed’ tattoos.

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💥2018 DESTRUTTURATO RECAP💥 🦂NOVEMBER🦂Which is your favorite November tattoo from 1-10? Let me know in COMMENTS BELOW👇🏽 🇮🇹 Sta per finire il 2018 e voglio condividere con voi il mio anno di tattoo destrutturati, 10 foto per ogni mese. Tutti i giorni alle 7:00pm, per 12 giorni, posterò un mese di tattoo, votate giorno per giorno la vostra foto preferita e vediamo quale sarà secondo voi il tattoo più bello che ho fatto durate quest’anno!✌🏽 🇬🇧 2018 is almost over and I want to share with you my year ofdestrutturato tattoos, 10 photos for each month. Every day at 7:00 pm (Italian time), for 12 days, I will post a month of tattoo, vote for your favorite photo day by day and try to find what will be the most beautiful tattoo I've done this year! ✌🏽

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