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This House Sings Like A Saxophone At Night

This house in Yekaterinburg, Russia is sort of famous around the neighborhood. It has a lot of ventilation pipes going around the building, and at night when the wind is strong the house starts to “sing”. The pipes are like a labyrinth, intertwined among each other and go to the top of the building passing by the windows of the apartments.

“This system makes horrible sounds at night” , says a local woman, “it howls like a wolf, it started one year ago”

The owners of the building couldn’t explain why they need so many pipes here. The silver pipes are virtually everywhere on the walls of this building. While the photographer was there he didn’t hear the sounds though, he thinks it for some reason becomes loud only at night time.

The owner of the pipes pays a rental price each month to have his pipes on the building walls and the company that owns the building seems happy to receive their due payments. Local cats like to scratch the thermo coatings of the pipes.

However despite the unhappy neighbors nobody is planning to remove the system and it still howls every night.

h/t: englishrussia

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