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Artist Built The City Of ‘Salem’s Lot’ As A Tribute To Stephen King’s Great Novel

According to Kassiopeya: “With my latest model “Nightfall in the Lot” I return one more time to the literary world of Stephen King. This time I decided to realize “Salem’s Lot”, one of the very few highly praised classics of the vampire genre.

What still enchants me about the novel after so many years is its melancholic autumnal mood and its elegantly woven, fragmentarily narrative perspective. In almost lyrical visual language, King constructs his seemingly simple story about the creeping decline of a city on the example of numerous individual fates. It was the complexity of the story from the numerous perspectives of its inhabitants that I wanted to reflect in my very personal realization of the novel.

So I used a constructional idea that I had previously fancied – the principle of a rotating world. This is why my Jerusalem Lot is set upon a rotating disk. Each little twist offers the viewer new perspectives and insights into other parts of the city, into other stories and aspects of its downfall. Only one view stays the same from every angle in the city: the view of the Marsten House, that legendary old estate in the center that oozes out all evil while the viewer never approaches it.”

More: Kassiopeya, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

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