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Stunning Pictures Show What Traffic Jams Looked Like In The Past

Traffic on Regent Circus, now known as Oxford Circus, 1888

Traffic jam has always been a problem so far, and hard to have a completely solution to solve. Take to look at these pictures to see what traffic jams looked like in the past.


London Bridge, 1900

London buses, 1900

Piccadilly Circus, London, 1901

Rush hour in Chicago, 1909

Corner of 7th Street and Broadway, downtown Los Angeles, circa 1920s

Embankment, London, 1926

Buyers create a traffic jam at the Los Angeles wholesale produce market, 1927

Traffic jam, Berlin, 1927

Traffic on a bridge in Chicago, Illinois, 1927

Traffic jam in Detroit, 1928

Boston, 1929

Moscow’s traffic jam, 1931

Traffic jam on the Broadway Bridge over the Los Angeles River, 1937

Traffic jam on the Suzhou canal, China, December 1948

Los Angeles, 1950

Traffic jam on 6th Street in Downtown Los Angeles during transit strike, 1950

Los Angeles, 1952

Paris, 1954

Los Angeles, 1955

Pont de la Concorde, Paris, 1956

Allenby street, Lebanon, 1958

On the way to Woodstock, 1969

Budapest, Hungary in the early 1970s

Budapest, Hungary in the mid-1970s

Vancouver, British Columbia, 1973

The Brandenburg Gates traffic jam between East and West Germany on the first Saturday after the fall of the Berlin Wall, 1989

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