Boy Scout Creates Ear Guard For People Who Feel Pain From Wearing Face Masks All Day


It’s not just the medical workers that have to wear face masks all day to protect themselves – cashiers, delivery drivers, and all other workers rely on them too. And many of them are suffering from the same problem – ear pain from wearing the masks for prolonged periods of time. But that’s where Quinn Callander, a boy scout from Canada, came to help.

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Quinn used his 3D printing skills to come up with a simple yet genius ear guard that protects people’s ears from the painful straps of the face masks.

The boy came up with the idea for the ear guards after one Canadian hospital asked for help dealing with the problem of ear pain. Quinn’s ear guards transfer the tension of the mask straps from the ears to the special 3D printed strap on the back of a person’s head. Who could have thought that the solution could be so simple?

“Quinn answered a request from the local hospitals for help with creating “ear guards” to help take the pressure off health care workers’ ears from wearing masks all day,” wrote Quinn’s mom Heather on Facebook. “He got busy on his 3D printer and has been turning out dozens of ear guards to donate.”


If you have a 3D printer at home, you can print one of these ear guards for yourself using Quinn’s template – you can find it here!

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