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Spectacular Winning Photos Of The Nature Photographer Of The Year 2023

Overall Winner: He Looks to the Heavens by Jacquie Matechuk
Nature Photographer Of The Year Awards Winners 01

Feast your eyes on the awe-inspiring winning images from the 2023 Nature Photographer of the Year competition. This prestigious contest is a platform for photographers to highlight the splendor of nature. Showcase your skills and you could win impressive prizes, including a cash award of €3,000. Winners will also receive additional attractive rewards and state-of-the-art photography equipment. Continue reading »

Vintage Cover Photos of Cavalcade Magazine in the 1950s


Cavalcade, an Australian men’s magazine, was first published in the early 1940s amidst World War II. Initially, it focused on serious topics, predominantly featuring content related to the war. The early editions included cartoons and jokes that were relatively harmless. Continue reading »

This Artist Combines Sarcasm with His Adopted Cat’s Attitude in His Humorous Illustrations


I am thrilled to showcase the latest creations from the Malaysian artist behind the amusing illustration series known as Studio After Cigs. If you haven’t yet experienced the artistry of this individual, you’re in for a treat. Continue reading »

The Distinctive Style of Jorge Artola’s Minimalist Illustrations

Jorgeartola 16789778 318097638587985 3727029442439020544 N

A gifted art director and motion designer, Jorge Artola hails from Panama City and is currently based in Madrid, Spain. Continue reading »

The Magnificent Monochrome Sculptural Works of Hans Op de Beeck


Belgian visual artist Hans Op de Beeck is known for his diverse body of work, which includes sculpture, installation, video, photography and painting. He is celebrated for creating meticulously detailed artworks using a strikingly monochromatic palette. Continue reading »

Winning Photos Of The World Of Wearable Art Competition 2023

The World of Wearable Art (WOW) competition is a stunning spectacle that masterfully intertwines the worlds of fashion, art, and innovation. Each year, it witnesses the relentless pursuit of creativity by visionary designers across the globe, who infuse life into wearable works of art that enchant our senses.

For over thirty years, this competition has provided a platform for mesmerizing artworks, crafted by finalists and displayed annually at the WOW Show in Wellington’s TSB Arena, New Zealand. The 2023 edition upheld this tradition, uniting artists and designers from various parts of the world. Amidst a plethora of remarkable creations, the prestigious 2023 Supreme WOW Award was deservedly awarded to Nelson designer Gill Saunders for her captivating piece, “Earthling.”

Winner Of The Supreme Wow Award And The Open Section: “Earthling”
World Of Wearable Art Photo Competition Winners 01
Designer: Gill Saunders, New Zealand
“Earthling celebrates the natural wonders of our planet in the form of an adult coloring book.” Continue reading »

Spectacular Winning Photos Of The Eisa Maestro Awards 2023

The Eisa Maestro Awards 2023, themed “The Animal Kingdom”, has announced its winners. Magnus Berggren from Sweden took home the 1st place award, while the Public’s Choice award was bestowed upon Mirjam Radke from Germany.

The winners will enjoy extensive national exposure with their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize series being published in the EISA Photography magazine of their respective countries. Moreover, the international 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize winners will be featured in all 16 EISA photography magazines and websites globally, providing them with the most extensive audience reach a photographer could wish for.

1st Place by Magnus Berggren, Sweden
Eisa Maestro Awards Winners 2023 01

Magnus Berggren started photographing in 2007, but it was not until 2018 that he decided to focus on wildlife photography. “I started photographing small birds and just got hooked,” he says. “But I also like to photograph other animals, of course.” Continue reading »

The First Car that Porsche Ever Built Was Found in A Shed that Had Been Untouched for More than A Century

The First Porsche 1

The first Porsche in the world, known as the “Egger-Lohner electric vehicle, C.2 Phaeton model” or P1 for short, made its debut on the streets of Vienna on June 26, 1898. This historic vehicle, designed and built by Ferdinand Porsche himself, had been stored in a shed in Austria since 1902. Continue reading »

Incredible Photos of The British Red Phone Box Graveyard on The Edge of London

Red Phone Box Graveyard 1
Ian T (@Officially_IT)

London’s iconic red telephone boxes, once a staple for communication, have now become more of a backdrop for tourists’ photos, symbolizing their visit to England. With the advent of mobile phones, these boxes lost their original purpose and many fell into disrepair. Continue reading »

This Ceramic Artist Transforms Household Items into Cultural Symbols


Stephanie H. Shih, a ceramicist based in Brooklyn, uses her art to bring everyday items found in Asian-American households to life. Her ceramics are not just objects, but a journey into identity, culture, and history. Continue reading »

Artist Creates Conceptual Minimalist Illustrations That Might Make You Think Deeper About The Text

Real Life

Amir Reza Torkaman Rahmani is a distinguished cartoonist and illustrator who also works in the advertising industry. He has received numerous accolades at cartoon and caricature festivals. His cartoons aim to provoke deep thought in the viewer about the subject matter. Continue reading »

Photographer Jordi Koalitic Takes Us Behind the Scenes of His Creative Work


Barcelona-based photographer Jordi Puig Batlló continues to demonstrate the limitless potential of creativity in photography. Jordi is known for creating distinctive images that typically require considerable thought and time. Continue reading »

Very Cheeky and Unstoppably Confident Characters by Yuri


In search of a burst of color and charm in your life? Your search ends here. Allow us to present these incredibly vibrant and supremely confident characters, the brainchild of an artist known as Yuri. Continue reading »

Beautiful Winning Photos Of The OnePlus Mobile Photography Awards 2023

Grand Winner – Fire Dragon Dancer at the Night by Zhuowen Ao
Oneplus Photography Awards 2023 01

Feast your eyes on the stunning winning entries of the OnePlus Mobile Photography Awards 2023. The OnePlus Photography Awards are not just a global mobile photography contest, they transcend those boundaries. Continue reading »

Spectacular Finalists Photos Of The Birdlife Australia Photography Awards 2023

Backyard Birds: Garden serenade by Nathan Watson
Birdlifefe Australia Photography Awards 2023 01

We are thrilled to showcase the exceptional finalist images from the 2023 Birdlife Australia Photography Awards. This year, we were inundated with over 6,000 submissions from some of Australia’s finest bird photographers. Continue reading »

Photographer Recreates Places Around The World On His Desktop Using Miniatures


Derrick Lin, a photographer, has been crafting miniature scenes that encapsulate the moments and emotions of his life. With the onset of the pandemic, he began to construct miniature representations of famous destinations and landmarks worldwide, envisioning his future travels. Some of these dreams have since been realized, and he continues to expand his collection with more scenes from his bucket list. His ongoing photography series can be viewed on his Instagram account. Continue reading »

Superb and Captivating Street Photographs By Dimitris Makrygiannakis


Dimitris Makrygiannakis, a medical professional residing in Sweden, found his passion for photographic artistry in 2010. This creative pursuit has since become an integral part of his everyday life. Continue reading »

Artist Creates Mesmerising Images that Skilfully Blend Adorable with Eerie, Charming with Uncanny


UK-based artist Peppa Potter has a talent for creating captivating, ethereal images. Her creations draw heavily from folklore, mythology and nature, resulting in a unique fusion of fantasy and reality that is distinctly her own. Continue reading »

Thought-Provoking Oil Paintings by Ilya Brezinski


Ilya Brezinski has become a household name in the realm of captivating and humorous art. His signature oil on canvas creations are a delightful fusion of wit, humour and thought-provoking narratives. Continue reading »

The Art of Minimalism in Photography by Marcus Cederberg


Photographer Marcus Cederberg has spent nearly ten years meticulously observing the architectural details that surround him. He is drawn to geometric forms, eye-catching windows, and vibrant color schemes. Continue reading »

Absurd Realism in Monica Carvalho’s Exploration of AI in Photography


Monica Carvalho is a Swiss-Portuguese photographer who resides in Berlin. From a young age, she was captivated by illusionism and magic tricks. She holds the Surrealists in high regard and is fascinated by the endless possibilities that photography provides for experimentation. Continue reading »

Street Artists “Сorrected” the Labelling of Jewish Homes and Flats in Paris

Reuters/Lucien Libert

The symbols were stenciled in blue along the walls of multiple buildings in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, leaving prosecutors questioning whether they can determine the incidents are antisemitic. Continue reading »

Spectacular Winning Photos Of The Nature Conservancy Awards 2023

Grand Prize Winner: “Between The Stars” by Tibor Litauszki, Hungary
Nature Conservancy Awards 2023 Winners 01

The Nature Conservancy has announced the winners of its annual photography contest, an international event that consistently draws some of the world’s most talented nature and wildlife photographers. This year’s victors have once again demonstrated exceptional skill and imagination. Continue reading »

Artist Creates Canvases Inspired by Classics Video Games

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Turkish illustrator Fatih Öztürk creates paintings on the plots of classic video games – GTA, Bully, Sims, Max Payne, DOOM and others in the style of pencil drawings. It looks really impressive. The price for any painting is €110. Continue reading »

Amazing Photos Capture Miami Zoo’s Efforts to Safeguard Flamingos in a Bathroom During the 1992 Hurricane

Hurricane Andrew Flamingos 1

In August 1992, Hurricane Andrew, a Category 5 storm, wreaked havoc in the Bahamas, Florida, and Louisiana. The National Weather Service reported that the storm had caused damages worth $26.5 billion, making it the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history until Hurricane Katrina surpassed it in 2005 with $81 billion in damages. Continue reading »