Photo of the Day: Learning to Fly

Nine-year-old cousins Rose Brewer and Flame Brewer wingwalk over Rendcomb airfield in Gloucestershire, to become the world’s youngest formation wingwalkers. The two girls who flew on vintage Boeing Stearman biplanes, were inspired to do so by the plight of Eli Crossley who suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. His parents have set up the Duchenne Children’s Trust to raise money to research a treatment or cure in time to save Eli’s life. (Tim Ireland/Getty Images)

Silence/Shapes – Award-winning Smoke Bomb Photos by Filippo Minelli

In 2009, Filippo Minelli started taking photos of smoke-bombs in romantic landscapes to juxtapose the beauty of nature with the violence of a medium devoted to create chaos bringing about a stunning result. These powerful images, taken in various areas around Europe, have been shown in art exhibitions, publications and were featured on many art and design-related websites.

Silence/Shapes has also been shown at Venice Biennale 2011 and was on the cover of the prestigious art-magazine Elephant in early 2013. Continue »

Be Fashion Production for Fashion One Television

A foto shootings “Be Fashion Production for Fashion One Television” – the “Track3” collections of est by eS. by Aleksandra Zaborowska

photographer: Aleksandra Zaborowska
assistant: Adrian Błachut
model: Marcelina Gorska
designer: Gosia Sobiczewska -est by eS.
jewellery: Karina Królak
make up & hair: Malgorzata Baldowska
production: Be Fashion Production
destination: Zatoka Sztuki -Sopot, Poland
movie equipment: Proclub
Continue »

Sunrise Lamp

Do you love to wake up with the sunrise? Then this lamp for you! Image of rising sun was used when creating a lamp “Sunrise” by Natalia Rumyantseva. The warm red light of the sun will fill your friends houses with a unique energy, reminding of the Japanese tradition that considers that the light of the sunrise holds happiness and prosperity. The product can be moved in space.

Also this creative design won Design and Design International Award in Paris, France in 2013. Take a look!

Horeca Strategies Agency for Desperados Brand

Horeca Strategies Agency has created for Desperados pop-up bars and DJ Stands, which will be used during festivals, concerts ad in promotional areas. To build them, freight containers were used and adapted as to resemble industrial storage space. They can be arranged in multiple combinations, also one over the other. Bar container, of which side wall opens completely is also equipped to serve beer. Using rough, made of metal decorations points out urban, industrial style of Desperados brand. Continue »

The First In-Car Hostel in Moscow

Skoda Fabia, a car advertised for the most spacious cabin in its category, was transformed into a real hostel: with a comfortable double-bed, pillows, free wi-fi, and everything needed for a comfortable stay. Yes, it had a bathroom next to the car just in case. The hostel was placed at «Izmaiolovo Park» , one of the most pleasant parks in the city to provide a great view for the guests.

The project was created by the advertising agency Proximity Russia (BBDO Russia Group), in a partnership with the acommodation website every time someone was searching for a place to stay in Moscow, surprisingly, the Skoda Hostel appeared in the results, and users could book it online and spend one night there. The only payment accepted were likes, tweets and shares.

Guests could also take the car for a ride around the city, so each booking became a full scale test drive. The hostel was fully booked, and had great feedback from its guests. Continue »

Ornamental – New Face of Christmas!

Fresh ideas from a group of young designers are rocking the staid concepts of Christmas. The new design, called Ornamental, is created to keep the essence of the festive season ­ but to sweep away the commercial glitter of the older generations. Continue »

Panajachel Ceiling Lamp

Iris Design Studio had just launched a complete new product collection!

After two and a half years of hard work 8 new product families have been released and are now available online and at various designer galleries. Continue »

Meet the King of Innovation

Chinese inventor Tao Xiangli controls a robot with a remote controller in Beijing, on August 9, 2013. The self-taught inventor built the home-made robot, named “The King of Innovation”, out of scrap metal and electronic wires that he bought from a second-hand market.

Once the backroom boffin had created the robot, which measures 2.1 metres high (or 6 feet 9 in its unstocking-ed feet) and 480 kg (1,058lb) in weight, turned out to be too tall and heavy to walk out of the front door of his house. It can perform simple tasks, although isn’t quite at the stage of being able to put the bins out or feed the cat. Nevertheless, the robot can put on an impressive turn of speed considering its weight and lofty dimensions.

Tao completed his creation in less than a year, with costs of production and living expenses amounting to 300,000 yen, which equates to around £32,000 – not bad value for something that has the potential to do an awful lot more than simply look good. The inventor does not plan to stop there, however, and spends his spare time tinkering with other old bits of cast-off technology with a view to engineering another innovation in due course. (Photo by Kim Kyung-Hoon/Reuters) Continue »

Photo of the Day: The Call Me Mom

A female dog feeds a 10-day-old tiger cub and her puppy at a zoo in Hefei, Anhui province, July 26, 2013. The tigress, who is a first time mother, was deemed incapable of feeding her young because of insufficient milk production, according to zoo authorities. (REUTERS/Stringer)

Man Builds Wooden Model of a Cylon in his Flat

Wooden model Cylon is posed holding a newspaper in the flat of its maker, Ukrainian Dmitry Balandin, in Zaporizhzhya August 6, 2013. It took Balandin, who works as a crane operator, six months to build the model from 500 parts. Balandin says he does not use blueprints and designs the parts as he works on them.

He says he would love to build metal models but that is impossible to do so in his small apartment. He plays with Cylon as a child would play with a doll or Lego toy, and is now making a girlfriend for his model. He hopes to eventually build an entire model family and have them displayed at exhibitions and galleries. (Photo by Gleb Garanich/Reuters) Continue »

New and All-Electric BMW i3

Everything about the BMW i3 with eDrive, every detail and every feature, is designed for life in the city. Driven by a locally emission-free electric motor, the BMW i3 guarantees mobility wherever you need it. It’s at home anywhere, from the edge of town to the city centre. Not surprisingly, the BMW i3 also qualifies for a full 100% discount in the London Congestion Zone. Aside from the ecological considerations, the BMW i3 makes a strong impression with its breathtaking acceleration at low speeds or from a standstill. And it boasts an impressive real-world range of 80-100 miles thanks to the high-voltage lithium ion battery. If you want even more flexibility, the BMW i3 Range Extender adds to the achievable range. Continue »

Photographer Alexander Sokolov

Alexander Sokolov, very creative and professional photographer, based in Riga, Latvia. NSFW. Continue »

Under Command

Peruvian army special force members march during a traditional military parade in Lima, commemorating the country’s 192nd independence anniversary. (AFP) Continue »

Beach Festival Show Run Down in Singapore

Models present lingerie wear collection by Valiesere and Hom at Tanjong Beach Sentosa during a Beach Festival Show Run Down in Singapore on August 3, 2013. (AFP/Scanpix) Continue »