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Bien Headache

Jorge Calleja has a very experienced skills in interactive design. Don’t miss! Hmm, looks like he’s in Juxt Interactive.

Web Magician

Oh, yes. I’m very impressed with Cesar Villegas web works and skills! No more words.

So, uh!

Great design portfolio of Marian Bantjes. She’s so talented!

Over the Mode

Perttu Murto has an excellent and fresh-looking graphic artworks! Check this nordic guy out!

Danger Graphics Ahead

Dangergraphics is a portfolio site of Jason Csizmadi, design craftsman.

To Create Everyday

Creative design portfolio of Sebastian Weldycz.

Carlo Giovani

Carlo Gionani says: “I like to work with different medias and technics, mixing them to create new ways to represent ideas and concepts.”. Watch out.


Graphic design portfolio of Alberto Ostinelli.

Accept & Proceed

Accept & Proceed design collective. Don’t pass.

Uncompromising Design Solutions

Here is a Raffinerie, intelligent designburo from the heart of the Europe.

Did You Hear Something?

Small design portfolio of Maureen Valfort.

Skin Did It

SKIN members says: “With a focus on design, we aim to help our clients with their strategic goals and convert them into visual communication.” Ok, guys, ok.

Ice Cream Flavor

ICE CREAM FOR FREE™ is a Berlin based design studio founded in 2005 by Oliver Wiegner. And that’s it!

Das Ist!

Small print portfolio of blotto Gestaltungsbüro.

NODE Berlin Oslo

NODE is an international design collective, held by Serge Rompza from Berlin and Anders Hofgaard from Oslo.