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Photo of the Day: The Great Bear Show

Bob Steele, of Jefferson, Texas, positions his bears during The Great Bear Show at the Dubuque (Iowa) County Fair. (Jessica Reilly/Telegraph Herald) Click image to zoom.

Photo of the Day: Impressive

A girl uses two sticks connected with rope to make a big bubble at Luneta Park in Manila. (Reuters) Click image to zoom.

Photo of the Day: Not Impressed

Fiestin poses for a picture on the last day of the fourth annual Latin American Clown Congress in Guatemala. Clowns from Central America and South America and the Caribbean have gathered for three days in the capital city to exchange ideas and attend workshops. (Mirror Online) Click image to zoom.

Photo of the Day: Thirsty Work

A sparrow drinks water from the beak of a pelican-shaped fountain at a park in Tokyo. (Mirror Online) Click image to zoom.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2013: Miami Beach sizzles

Swim Week brings the sexy, unabashed world of swimwear to Miami Beach through Tuesday — luring designers, retailers, models, fashion show producers and international press to South Florida, all to feast their eyes on the latest designs.

A model wears swimwear from the collection of Luli Fama. (Lynne Sladky/Associated Press) Continue »

Photo of the Day: Shock

A man reacts while walking past an uprooted tree after Typhoon Vicente hit Hong Kong. A severe typhoon hit Hong Kong on Tuesday, disrupting business across the financial hub, with offices and the stock market to remain closed for at least part of the morning after the city raised its highest typhoon warning overnight. (Mirror Online) Click image to zoom.

Miller & Miller Syrup Packages

Very clean glass packages and typography works of Miller & Miller syrup serie designed by F26, Russian based studio behind the art-direction of genius Oleg “Cmart” Paschenko. Continue »

Filippa K by BVD

In the fast-moving retail envi­ron­ment, clar­ity, con­sis­tency and sim­plic­ity are essen­tial. Filippa K branding project by BVD, Sweden based agency. Continue »

‘One by One’. Craft meets Mass Production.

Furniture project by Alejandro Cerón. ‘One by One’ combines craft and mass production through a playful technic. The steel frames are made by hand in a very crafted way. On the other side the silicon rings are casted massively in different molds. Shapes and colors in each piece are completely unique. Continue »

Beauty is in the Details

So, step inside and see images from brand new advertising campaign of Hasso, a Colombian based manufacturer of cool acessories, bags and backpacks. Continue »

Photo of the Day: Shelf Life

Designer Darragh Casey “shelved” with his personal belongings in Cork, Ireland. (Barcroft Media)

Animal Olympics by Paul Goldstein

Wildlife photographer and Exodus tour guide Paul Goldstein has compiled a fun set of pictures showing how wild animals could rival Olympic athletes in a variety of sporting events.

Lasha Gujejiani of Georgia and Ricardo Blas Jr of Guam tussle for supremacy in the 100kg judo event at the 2008 Beijing Olympics… (Sipa Press / Rex Features)

…and two adorable lion cubs tussle for supremacy in their own playfight. (Paul Goldstein/Exodus / Rex Features) Continue »

Photographs Of Meals From Famous Novels

The photographs in this series, Fictitious Dishes, enter the lives of five fictional characters and depict meals from the novels The Catcher in the Rye, Oliver Twist, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and Moby Dick. Created by Dinah Fried.

“The Catcher in the Rye” Continue »

The Copycats: Cats Imitating Famous Works Of Art

Who needs Rembrandt when you’ve got a saucy little tabby? In the Renaissance, you needed to have years of formal training in painting or sculpting to be considered one of the masters. Now, all you need is a cat, a camera and a decent internet connection. Here’s a collection of pretty remarkable recreations of cats as famous works of art. More than anything, this just makes me want to go pull my old Far Side: Wiener Dog Art book of the shelf.

Salvador Dali, “Woman At The Window” (1925) Continue »

Photo of the Day: Phoenix is Under Attack of the Dust Storm

A large dust storm, or haboob, sweeps across downtown Phoenix. Dust storms are common across Arizona during the summer, and walls of dust more than a mile high can blanket an area in a matter of seconds, sometimes reducing visibility to zero. (Ross D. Franklin/Associated Press) Click image to zoom.