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Preying Mantis Eats Goldfish for Dinner

Carefully hanging over the edge, a large mantis climbs over the lip of a fishbowl, waiting to grab a goldfish. The extraordinary moment was captured on camera by wildlife photographer Scott Cromwell in the US. (CFP) Continue »

Photo of the Day: Grizzly Kid

One of a pair of orphaned sibling grizzly bear cubs, approximately 7 months old, acquired from the Wyoming Game & Fish Department, looks out from her new exhibit at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo for the first time. (Amy Sancetta/Associated Press)

Red-blanketed Beach in Northeast China

Tourists walk on a pile trestle above a beach on the Liaohe River Delta that has been blanketed by a red plant known as ‘seepweed’ in Panjin, Northeast China’s Liaoning province, Sept 12, 2011. The red–carpet-like scene has attracted more than 5, 000 visits during this year’s three-day holiday of Mid-Autumn Festival, starting from the night before the holiday began, on Sept 9, 2011. Each autumn the beach is covered by the seasonal red plant, attracting thousands of visitors. (Xinhua) Continue »

Eye-popping China Int’l Optics Fair

A woman presents a pair of “Shutter Shade” sunglasses at the 24th China International Optic Fair held in Beijing, Sept 14, 2011. Over 770 exhibitors from 23 countries took part in the fair. (Xinhua) Continue »

The Empty Stools of Rural Village Life in China

Tian Yunxiu, 67, and his 65-year-old wife named Liu Dezhen, sit beside a buckwheat field in Mawan town of Northwest China’s Shaanxi province with six stools for their six children, who left the village to work. In the process of urbanization, more rural people in China leave villages to work in cities with most working as migrant workers. The statistics of National Bureau of Statistics shows that China already had a total of 230 million migrant workers in 2009. As it is not easy to take families to settle down in cities, the migrant workers from rural areas have to leave their kids, wives and parents in their rural home, which makes the population of some rural areas mainly made up of women, kids and elderly people. A survey conducted by China Agriculture University shows that there are about 87 million people left behind in rural area, comprised of 20 million kids, 20 million elderly people and 47 million women. (Xinhua) Continue »

Now I Can Literally Taste My Words!

This is a machine that converts words into cocktails. If you want to know, how it works visit

Huge Zhongshan Suit Towers High in China

A 4.3-meter-tall Zhongshan suit is making an appearance at Zhejiang Textile and Fashion College in Ningbo, East China’s Zhejiang province, Sept 14, 2011. The suit, 35 times larger than normal, has been made to commemorate the centenary of the Revolution of 1911. The suit is being submitted for a Guinness World Record award. The Zhongshan suit was popularized by Sun Yat-sen, the pioneer of China’s democratic revolution after the Revolution of 1911. (CFP) Continue »

Vacation in Your Birthday Suit at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park

Thinking of a vacation in the nude? Probably not. But why not try the nude suit out at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park in Ontario, Canada.

Many have no idea that a naturist park lies just 30 minutes outside of Toronto. Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park is a family campground, which may surprise some who think of nudists as psychedelic hippies trying to relive the past. The campground itself is pretty much like a traditional campground, except the obvious nude factor.

A sign warning “Naked people beyond this point” is seen at the entrance at the Bare Oaks Family Naturist park in Sharon. (Reuters / Mark Blinch) Continue »


A model displays a Spring/Summer design by Ibai Labega during the EGO for young designers at the Pasarela Cibeles fashion show, in Madrid, Spain. (AP)

Plastic Bottle Boat Makes Maiden Voyage

Four students carry a special boat named “Simida” made of 1,504 empty plastic beverage bottles to a lake for its maiden voyage at Chongqing University of Science and Technology in Southwest China’s Chongqing municipality, Sept 14, 2011. It took the four students two months to make the boat which is 4.48 meters by 1.3 meters and weighs 58.2 kilograms. The maiden voyage lasted about 20 minutes with plenty of students witnessing the occasion. Tang Ming, one of the four students, said they made the boat with an aim to promote the concept of environmental conservation. (Photo/CFP) Continue »

Photo of the Day: As Tears Go By

An internally displaced Somali woman mourns near the body of her son, who died of malnourishment, in Hodan district, south of Somalia’s capital Mogadishu. (Reuters)

Tokyo Game Show 2011

A promotional woman shows a Sony’s PlayStation Vita handheld gaming device at Tokyo Game Show in Chiba, east of Tokyo, September 15, 2011. The game show goes on till September 18. (Reuters/Kim Kyung-Hoon) Continue »

Titanic Necklace Stolen in Denmark

A necklace once worn by a passenger on the ill-fated ocean liner the Titanic has been stolen from a traveling exhibit in Copenhagen. The necklace was stolen Saturday during opening hours at the exhibit hall in Tivoli park in the centre of the Danish capital, and the thief or thieves had gotten away without tripping the alarm system. (AP / Yahoo) Continue »

India’s 22 Karat Gold Plated Goldplus Nano Car

The Tata Group Monday unveiled a Nano car – made with gold and silver, and studded with precious stones – worth an astronomical over Rs 22 crore.

But, it’s not for sale – the valuable and fully functional car is a unique branding and promotional initiative by Goldplus Jewellery, part of Titan Industries, a Tata Group company, an official said.

Chairman of Tata Group Ratan Tata poses in front of a Nano car made of gold during a ceremony in Mumbai, India. About 80 kg of 22 karat gold, approximately 15 kg of silver and gemstones were used to decorate the car, according to a press statement. (Reuters) Continue »

The 20 Brands With The Most Loyal Customers

#20 Twitter

2010 rank: N/A

Social networks make their debut as a category in Brand Keys’ study this year, and Twitter comes in at #2 in the industry. Despite the variety of social networks around, there’s nothing quite like Twitter in the microblogging world, and it can be used as a supplement to their other networks. (Photo by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid) Continue »