This Super Tiny Cabin Lets People Sleep In The Mountains Under The Stars

Photography by Giacomo Pompanin

In the northeastern Italy, at an altitude of 6742 feet (or 2,055 meters), lies a single cabin on skis that you can stay the night in.

h/t: contemporist

Photography by Giacomo Pompanin

The Starlight Room has a front row view of the Dolomite mountain range.

Photography by Giacomo Pompanin

Located near Cortina, Italy, the Starlight Room offers guests a chance to sleep in the mountains in a room that has glass surrounding the bed.

Photography by Giacomo Pompanin

The little cabin, that sits on skis, was made by local artisans with local materials: wood, metal and glass.

Photography by Giacomo Pompanin

Inside, there’s an adjustable bed, so you can sit up and enjoy the view before lying down and enjoying the stars at night. There’s also a flatscreen television that can play time-lapse images of the Dolomites. If it gets cold, there is a heater as well.

Photography by Giacomo Pompanin

The Starlight Room can be reached by snowmobile or snowshoe, and it has a price of 300 Euro per night for two people (dinner and breakfast included).

Photography by Giacomo Pompanin

On February 1958, the 23-year-old actress Brigitte Bardot arrived in the Italian ski resort of Cortina D’Ampezzo to recuperate after an operation:



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