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Cockblock Corona Mask: Mother Selling Social Distancing Penis Face Masks Raises Money For Non-Profit, So Far

Mindy Vincent. Pattern: Penis Print by lillybold

When people tell Utah mother Mindy Vincent that her face mask has penises on it, she: “Kindly [lets] them know this is how I determine they are too close, kindly back the f*** up.” That’s what Vincent said in a Facebook post featuring a selfie with her mask. It quickly went viral with more than 413, 000 shares.

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Mindy Vincent

It’s her creative way to keep people at a safe distance — far enough away to not notice the penises on her face mask. Folks from across the country were reaching out to Vincent to see how they can get their own penis mask. That’s when her son came up with the idea to sell the masks and donate all proceeds to the Utah Harm Reduction Coalition (UHRC).

Pattern: Flying Fascinii Winged Penis by myowlhasantlers

There’s even a page on UHRC’s website devoted solely to selling Vincent’s “Cockblock Corona Masks,” which are currently sold out. Masks are selling for $20. There are also designs featuring flying penises, breasts, and vaginas.

Pattern: Boob fabric by charlottewinter

Vincent says she’s sold 5,400 masks and that she has enough material to make 19,000 total masks, which she and others are working furiously to make.

Pattern: Variety of Vaginas by teysha’s_creations

Vincent says: “This is unbelievable and just crazy. I am so grateful because of the struggles it is to run a harm reduction non-profit organization, it’s great to see so many people supporting our cause. The end result is the same, it will help so many people.”

Pattern: Boob fabric by charlottewinter

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