In An Old Village In Southern Bavaria, A Unique Ancient Pagan Tradition Is Still Alive – Design You Trust

In An Old Village In Southern Bavaria, A Unique Ancient Pagan Tradition Is Still Alive

In Oberstdorf [this is] the dance of the wild men (Wilde-Mändle-Tanz), which is held only in this small town, once in five years. Wilde-Mändle-Tanz is dedicated to the Germanic god Thor, and involves 13 men, all of whom belong to old local families who have been living in that region for centuries. The men’s costumes are made of moss, which grows only in the Allgäu Alps.

h/t: messynessychic, tumblr

They dance to rhythmic drum music, building a pyramid, and at the end they drink mead from their wooden mugs, singing a ritual song.

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