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Japanese “Sheer” T-Shirt Gives You The Body You Always Wanted

The “Delusion Splash T-shirt” is an intriguing Japanese garment that cleverly uses shading to trick people into thinking that you look much better than you actually do.

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Japanese clothing designers seem to be on a quest to help consumers achieve the toned physique they’ve always dreamed of without actually stepping foot in a gym or turning to plastic surgery.

After the Super Macho T, an inflatable undershirt that artificially enhanced skinny men’s muscles, and the Illusion Grid t-shirt, a women’s shirt that used distortion and shading to create the illusion of an ample bosom, we now have yet another white t-shirt designed to create the illusion of an enhanced physique. Created by the brilliant minds at ekoD Works (previously), the new Faint Muscle Mousou Mapping T-shirt is designed to look sheer, revealing the wearer’s impressive assets.

“This t-shirt brings to life the world of MOUSOU(=Illusion) that people secretly envision,” the description on ekoD Works reads. “With the unique Mousou Mapping technology of ekoD Works, just by wearing this shirt, the beautiful body you’ve always wanted will be faintly visible to others. With this, you’ll definitely attract a great deal of attention!”

The Faint Muscle Mousou Mapping T-shirt comes in two variants, one for men who want to create the illusion of a having toned pectoral muscles and an enviable six-pack, and another for women who want to attract attention to their seemingly perfect breasts. Both models are priced at ¥3,888 ($36) and are shipped worldwide.

Since all the magic of this shirt is in the print, ekoD advises buyers to only hand-wash it as not to damage the “see-through” print, and always dry it inside out.

So if you couldn’t find time to hit the gym and get a beach body, this shirt can at least trick people into thinking that you did. Just make sure you keep it on at all times.

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