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Brazilian Artist Creates Drawings That Perfectly Visualize People’s Emotions

Some people believe that in order to make an incredible drawing or painting that will catch everyone’s eye, you need to have special materials and all kinds of different painting tools. Well, the good news is that in practice, this is actually not true. And one artist is here to prove that!

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Gabriel Vinicius is a 22-year-old artist from Sao Paulo, Brasil. He proves that for those who have the talent to make great works of art, the only thing that is needed is a simple black ballpoint pen!

This wonderful artist specializes in extremely realistic portraits which sometimes almost look like photographs. The secret is that he focuses and spends a lot of time on details perfecting each part of the portrait. Therefore, each of them looks like a masterpiece!

What’s really interesting is that each of his portraits show different emotions expressed by his models: whether it be excitement, boredom, annoyance, happiness, or any other human emotion. Because of it, each portrait is unique and it would be hard to confuse one with another. Not to mention, the artist highlights the most beautiful traits of each person so all of his portraits are captivating and mesmerizing!

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