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This Baby Yoda Plush Was Created By A Russian Artist And Is Being Sold For $220

Even if you’re not that hyped about The Mandalorian series, you still probably have heard about the recent sensation The Child, or as the internet dubbed him, baby Yoda. The adorable creature is basically what the legendary Jedi Master, Yoda, would like if he was just a 50-year-old baby and the Internet is loving it. Seriously, the Child is probably one of the best things from the series. The only thing that people are missing right now is the merchandise. They just have to have baby Yoda!

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Recently, Disney delivered the first merchandise. Their store is now stocked with t-shirts, cups, phone cases, and other stuff. However, the store is missing an actual baby Yoda toy and people are really craving it.

This prompted independent artists to create their own version of the adorable creature. One of those artists is Tatyana, who owns an Etsy shop called MelvonANDReine. Tatyana is going viral for her intricate baby Yoda doll and it’s as cute as the original!

Tatyana, a 20-year-old artist from Tomsk, Russia says that she has been creating dolls for 5 years now. She is fascinated with supernatural creatures, so it’s no surprise that she was inspired to make baby Yoda, too.

Tatyana warns people that the creation period is around 13-16 weeks, and you’ll only receive the doll by the end of February or in March 2020. The doll is sold for $220 with free shipping.

Here are some of her other creations inspired by film characters:

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