Artist Imagines Famous Cartoon Characters With Human Bodies And The Result Is Bizarre

Have you ever wondered how famous characters from our favorite childhood cartoons would look in real life? One artist decided to give them a human body! Egyptian artist Mohamed Halawany created a series called “Real Toons” that depicts famous characters as real humans dressed up in fashionable attire.

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The artist, who is also known as Halawany.m to his 19.4k Instagram followers, mixed up the heads of these characters with real bodies, giving them a human-like look. These characters look halfway between animation and reality, and the result is bizarre, but surprisingly interesting!

Halawany started creating art in 2013 by mixing 2D and 3D realities into amazing works of art. However, only recently, he came up with the idea of his “Real Toons” series by visualizing Homer Simpson, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Super Mario as heavy lifters. The series was a real success so he created human-like versions of such characters like Buzz Lightyear, Donald Duck, Rick Sanchez, and many more!

In this series, these classic characters that we grew up watching in movie theaters and on TV change their usual appearances in a completely different way. For instance, Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story becomes a sophisticated gentleman with an expensive suit, Super Mario grows some muscle and decides to go shirtless, Donald Duck becomes a fashionista that you could put on the cover of a fashion magazine, and Homer Simpson ditches doughnuts and beer to lift some weights.

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