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Louie Mattar’s Cadillac, the Car That Has Everything, 1952

Louie Mattar, a San Diego garage owner with a big imagination, who turned his 1947 Cadillac into a how-to guide for four-wheeled DIYers everywhere. When he bought a brand new Cadillac four years ago, the extra equipment his dealer offered was not enough and Mattar started to add a weird assortment of things that other motorists can only dream of.

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Louis Mattar with his 1947 Cadillac, San Diego, 1952.

Doing most of the work himself, he put in a shower, coiling the pipes from his 50-gallon water tanks around the exhaust manifold for the hot water. A pumping system was crammed under the hood. Next to the taillight went a drinking fountain and under the dashboard a tape recorder and a bar with spigots for whisky, water and soda. In the back seat he put a washing machine, a stove and even included a kitchen sink. All this took four years to do and cost Mattar better than $14,000.

Louis Mattar pulls the makings of a meal from the trunk of his heavily modified 1947 Cadillac.

Later that year, in Sept. 1952, Mattar’s ultra-tricked-out Caddy set a world endurance non-stop record (since eclipsed) when three drivers, working in shifts, traveled round-trip from San Diego to New York and back — 6,300 miles — in one week. It later traveled — virtually non-stop, due to Mattar’s innovations that allowed it to refuel while driving, etc. — from Anchorage, Alaska, to Mexico City.

The car, along with a trailer, which Mattar also custom made, is now in the San Diego Automotive Museum in Balboa Park.

Washing is done by small machine in back seat. Two batteries provide extra electricity.

Louis Mattar hangs washing from his heavily modified 1947 Cadillac.

Ironing is easy for Mrs. Mattar with arm rest as board. Toaster or razor can be plugged in here.

Louis Mattar enjoys a pull on the water pipe he installed in his heavily modified 1947 Cadillac.

Jackie Smithwick, friend of the Mattars’, takes a warm water shower next to front fender.

Plugged into Louis Mattar’s heavily modified 1947 Cadillac.

A boy drinks from a water fountain that Louis Mattar installed in his 1947 Cadillac.

Cooking hot dogs, Mattar uses homemade stove which slides forward into the back seat from trunk.

A picnic on the beach, courtesy of Louis Mattar’s tricked-out 1947 Cadillac.

Louie Mattar and Miss San Diego.

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