UVMask: Real-Time UV-C Filtration & Purification Face Mask That Filters Dust, Organisms, And Allergens As You Breathe

Meet UVMask, the next-generation reusable air purification & antipollution non-source control face mask with the most powerful UV-C purification technology on the market.

Equipped with a passive air filter, and a groundbreaking patent-pending Sterile-Vortex active protection, it filters and purifies 99.99% of air 10x faster than you can breathe.

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The UV-C light is sealed within the patent-pending Sterile-Vortex, which means no UV-C leakage is made possible during the filtration process. As you breathe, the air is sent through the vortex and purified under two 25,000μW/cm2 UV-C LEDs.

Enjoy two high-efficiency layers of protection. Beyond purifying, our cool mask also filters air through a high-efficiency filter that blocks all air pollutants, dust, pollen, tobacco & bushfire smoke.

UVMask is the first-ever face mask to effectively integrate UV-C tech with the true power to purify the air in real-time. It’s an essential tool in protecting yourself against the invisible threats lurking in the air.

Unlike conventional reusable face masks, UVMask is the first with an ultra-high intensity UV-C LEDs to protect you and others around you.

Its patent-pending Sterile-Vortex technology concentrates the UV-C light’s full power on the air you breathe, bringing total filtration efficiency to 99.99%.

As glass components reduce UV-C light transmission, your air filter mask’s Sterile-Vortex uses the highest quality Sapphire crystal optics and high precision chip manufacturing to power each UV-C light.

UVMask has been independently tested and certified by the ISO 17025 accredited SGS Labs.

The CE-FFP2 (EU Standards N95 equivalent) passive air filter has been tested according to the EN 149-2001+A1-2009 standards, receiving a 0.3-micron filtration efficiency of 99%. The UV-C active protection has been tested against E. coli and Staphylococcus to have an average efficacy rate of 99.93%.

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