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Meet He Jiaying, A Celebrated Chinese Artist and Educator Specializing in Gongbi Painting


He Jiaying is a renowned Chinese artist, born in Tianjin in 1957. He is widely recognized for his skillful execution of Gongbi painting, a traditional Chinese painting technique known for its meticulous brushwork and emphasis on fine detail. He is currently a council member of the Chinese Artists Association and a member of the China Society for the Contemporary Gongbi and Heavy Coloring Paintings. He is also a respected lecturer at the Tianjin Academy of Arts.

He Jiaying - 02

From a young age, He Jiaying had a passion for painting, and in 1977 he began his formal art education at the Tianjin Institute of Arts, where he focused on traditional Chinese painting. He graduated from the institute in 1980 and began his teaching career there, quickly establishing himself as a master of Gongbi painting. His works are characterized by their deep conceptual underpinnings, elegant coloring, and emphasis on portraying the characters and experiences of real life.

He Jiaying - 03

He Jiaying’s artistic talents have earned him numerous accolades and awards, including recognition at many painting exhibitions in Tianjin and beyond. He has also held exhibitions in other countries, winning high praise from both Chinese and foreign artists. With his skillful execution of Gongbi painting and dedication to educating future generations of artists, He Jiaying has become a major figure in the world of contemporary Chinese art.

He Jiaying - 04
He Jiaying - 05
He Jiaying - 06
He Jiaying - 07
He Jiaying - 08
He Jiaying - 09
He Jiaying - 10
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He Jiaying - 12
He Jiaying - 13
He Jiaying - 14
He Jiaying - 15
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He Jiaying - 22
He Jiaying - 23
He Jiaying - 24
He Jiaying - 25
He Jiaying - 26
He Jiaying - 27
He Jiaying - 28
He Jiaying - 29
He Jiaying - 30
He Jiaying - 31
He Jiaying - 32
He Jiaying - 33
He Jiaying - 34
He Jiaying - 35
He Jiaying - 36
He Jiaying - 37
He Jiaying - 38
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