Superb Yamaha Swan-Like Scooter With Insect Wings Will Make You Feel Like Flying


Now you can literally fly while you are on the road. With the new Yamaha 04 GEN Scooter, there is no need to board a plane, make a parachute jump or paraglide to feel the air beneath your wings. This concept scooter is designed to look as graceful as a swan, with side wings that open up in the shape of the thin see-through insect wings. Let us see how will the concept scooter look like when it hits the stores – will we feel as elegant as a swan and as fast as a wasp?

h/t: wherecoolthingshappen. Images © by Yamaha.


Does the Japanese automotive brand want to compete with its Italian counterpart – Vespa (Vespa meaning ‘wasp’ in Italian)? We can’t say, but we would not mind spreading our shiny wings while hitting the road!


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