Amazing Colorized Photos Show What Kitchens Looked Like In The First Half Of The 20th Century

Tenement Kitchen, 1905

An amazing set of colorized photographs from Color Me Six Ways to Sunday that show what kitchens looked like from the first half of the 20th century.

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1910s Kitchen

Margarete’s Kitchen, 1914

The Modern Kitchen, 1920

Woman Working in Kitchen, 1924

Mrs. Herbert Hoover and Mrs. James Ford at Girl Scouts’ Little House, Washington D.C, May 1925

1930s Grandma

A Little Seasoning, circa 1930s

Diamond Crystal Salt, circa 1930s

Jean Harlow in the kitchen, circa 1930s

Dream Kitchen, 1936

Cornshucking Day Dinner, 1939

Wood Residence Kitchen, circa 1939

Dollies in the Kitchen, 1940

In the kitchen with Judy, circa 1940s

Dream Kitchen, 1942

Modern Kitchen, New Bedford, Massachusetts, Spring 1942

Mrs. Leslie Atkins taking an orange out of her well-stocked refrigerator, Greenbelt, Maryland, May 1942

Time to Boil the Diapers, 1943

Wash and Dry, 1943

Kitchen in home of Albert Paxton, miner, who lives in company housing project, National Fuel Company, Monarch Mine, Broomfield, Boulder County, Colorado, 2 July 1946

Kitchen of Mrs. J. V. Powell, 13 June 1946

Mrs. Irene Shelton’s Kitchen, 8 August 1946

Skillet Dinner, circa 1950s

Frigidaire, 1951

A Fresh Batch, 1955

Pillsbury Doughgirls, 1955

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