DIY Protective LED Face Mask Warns To Stay Away And Responds To Voice

Chelsea Klukas of Lumen Couture has created a novelty protective face mask with embedded lightweight wearable LED technology that lets the wearer to create their own animated warnings, messages, and designs. The mask can also display equalizer effects with the use of a smartphone microphone, exterior music or with just the wearer’s voice.

“Social distancing can be hard: especially when others refuse to keep their distance. This DIY novelty mask displays warning text, images, and responds to your voice with equalizer effects.”

With every sale of these wonderful masks, Lumen Couture will make a donation to a very worthy cause: “For every mask sold I will donate 60% of profits to the WHO COVID-19 Response Fund.”

More: Chelsea Klukas, Lumen Couture, Youtube h/t: laughingsquid

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