Want to Join the Jet Set? Water-Powered Jetpack Propels Fliers up to 30ft into the Air… but it still Costs $230 a Go – Design You Trust

Want to Join the Jet Set? Water-Powered Jetpack Propels Fliers up to 30ft into the Air… but it still Costs $230 a Go

For years their use has been limited to the rich and famous or wealthy James Bond enthusiasts.

But walking on water with a jetpack is now one step closer thanks to a device which uses water from the ocean to propel users across the waves.

The $94,000 Jetlev uses jet stream technology to propel fliers up to 30ft in the air by sucking up water in a huge hose from the ocean and blasting it back out of the pack.

Flying without wings: The Jetlev jetpack propels fliers up to 30ft into the air by sucking up ocean water and powering it back through the pack. (Chris Parsons / Mail Online)

Hovering: the 9kg jetpack is powerful enough to propel users up to 30ft into the air. (Chris Parsons / Mail Online)

Jetlev trainer Dean O’Malley propels himself skyward using the jetpack, which costs $ 230 (£150) for one day’s use. (Chris Parsons / Mail Online)

The Jetlev R200 has a harness that straps the user into the jetpack’s frame, two handles for steering and stability, and a throttle for speed control. (Chris Parsons / Mail Online)

Getting closer: Using jetpacks used to be the hobby of the rich and famous only, but the price is starting to come down on using the amazing technology. (Chris Parsons / Mail Online)

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