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Google Tests Balloons to Beam Internet from Near Space

Google is launching balloons into near space to provide internet access to buildings below on the ground. About 30 of the superpressure balloons are being launched from New Zealand from where they will drift around the world on a controlled path. Attached equipment will offer 3G-like speeds to 50 testers in the country.

Access will be intermittent, but in time the firm hopes to build a big enough fleet to offer reliable links to people living in remote areas. It says that balloons could one day be diverted to disaster-hit areas to aid rescue efforts in situations where ground communication equipment has been damaged. But one expert warns that trying to simultaneously navigate thousands of the high-altitude balloons around the globe’s wind patterns will prove a difficult task to get right. Google calls the effort Project Loon and acknowledges it is “highly experimental” at this stage.

Each balloon is 15m (49.2ft) in diameter – the length of a small plane – and filled with lifting gases. Electronic equipment hangs underneath including radio antennas, a flight computer, an altitude control system and solar panels to power the gear. Google aims to fly the balloons in the stratosphere, 20km (12 miles) or more above the ground, which is about double the altitude used by commercial aircraft and above controlled airspace. Google says each should stay aloft for about 100 days and provide connectivity to an area stretching 40km in diameter below as they travel in a west-to-east direction. (BBC News)

A fully inflated test balloon sits in a hangar at Moffett Field airfield in California. Google is testing the balloons which sail in the stratosphere and beam the Internet to Earth. (Photo by Andrea Dunlap/Google) Continue »

Flying Bikes: Firms Create Airborne Prototype

Three companies in the Czech Republic have teamed up to make a prototype of an electric bicycle that is capable of flying. The amazing machine is controlled remotely while in development but its designers hope to have it capable of carrying people soon. They also hope battery technology will advance enough to improve the five-minute flights it is capable of performing and make the invention marketable. (Sky News) Continue »

Personal Handmade Animal Cushion Harry by Barbora Perglova

Be unique! Liven up your home and invite new members of your family! Or gift them to your beloved ones. Harry, Larry, Marry – three merry companions are waiting for you. Every piece is unique. Pillows are sewed for you by hand and with love.

Original awesome pillow Larry in unique bunny design by frappante is not just a decoration, he is your pillow friend! Larry is personal, friendly and soft cushion, you will want to have him always with you! You can hold him, hug him, sleep with him, snuggle with him and he’s always there for you! Continue »

Photo of the Day: Amhara’s Mira

The Sphynx cat ‘Amhara’s Mira’ belonging to breeder Sabine Braeuer takes part in the International pedigree dog and purebred cat exhibition in Erfurt, Germany. (AP Photo/Jens Meyer)

Kiss My Bag

KISS MY BAG it,s a new concept for tote bags. You can design your own one using a simple grid printed on it. You can choose whatever technique: textile pens, textile paints, sewing, adding objects: everything goes. Take inspiration from inside of you or your surrounding and search for a nice design. The most simple might be the most effective. KISS MY BAG comes in a plastic wrapper that ensures its contents. It will be sent wherever you want, carefully prepared to receive it in the most optimal conditions. Continue »

Inside Facebook’s Data Center Near the Arctic Circle

On the edge of the Arctic Circle, where the River Lule meets the Gulf of Bothnia, lies a very important building. Facebook’s newest data center – in Luleå, Sweden – is now handling live traffic from around the world. Facebook claims Luleå is likely to be one of the most efficient and sustainable data centers in the world. All the equipment inside is powered by locally generated hydro-electric energy. It is 100% renewable and they have been able to reduce the number of backup generators required at the site by more than 70%. Continue »

Philippine Map Made of Lego

A Philippine map with landmarks made of 50,000 pieces of Lego is exhibited in a mall in Davao City, Southern Philippines. (Barcroft Media)

X-Wing Starfighter Made of Lego

Star Wars fans view a life-size replica of an X-Wing Starfighter at Legoland in California. (WENN)


The art installation ‘Analgesia’ (2012) by Italian sculptor Paolo Grassino is displayed at the international contemporary art show in Basel, Switzerland. (EPA)

Silver Clouds

Children play with ‘Silver Clouds’ as part of an Andy Warhol installation in the GLAM-Exhibition in Frankfurt. (GETTY IMAGES)

Photo of the Day: Soon

A jury member examines sphynx cat Amharas Mira during an international cat and dog exhibition in Erfurt, eastern Germany. (AFP/GETTY)

Tired of Voting for Rats? Vote for Cats!

A woman holds photographs of Morris the Cat in a store in Xalapa, capital of the state of Veracruz, June 13, 2013. Morris is running for mayor in the upcoming July elections with the slogan “Tired of voting for rats?” (rats used as an expression for corrupt politicians). Morris was created by a group of citizens who were displeased with their local politicians and has already over 110,000 Facebook likes, more than his human competitors, according to local media. The writing on the stickers reads “No more rats, Morris, the candicat.” (Getty Images) Continue »

Welcome to Sweden, Facebook!

Facebook on Wednesday started processing data through its first server farm outside the United States, on the edge of the Arctic Circle in Sweden. The company inaugurated servers in about half of its new, 300,000-square foot facility outside the city Lulea Wednesday, saying it should improve the social network’s performance in Europe.

Joel Kjellgren, Data Centre Manager poses for photographers in the server hall on June 12, 2013 in the new Facebook data center, outside the city of Lulea, Sweden. Social network Facebook Wednesday opened its first data centre outside the United States, in Luleaa, a coastal Swedish town near the Arctic Circle. (Getty Images / AP) Continue »

Tyrannosaurus Rex is on Display in Paris

A giant chrome brushed aluminium skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus (T-Rex) dinosaur, made by French sculptor and painter Philippe Pasqua, stands at the pier of riverboat company Bateaux-Mouches on June 12, 2013 in Paris, with the Eiffel tower in the background. (Claire Lebertre/AFP Photo) Continue »

The iTray: Restaurant Invents Flying Drone Waiter Tray

A flying sushi service tray known as the “itray”, created using miniature remote-controlled helicopter rotor blades, is demonstrated by staff at a “Yo! Sushi” restaurant in London June 10, 2013. (Photos by Neil Hall/Reuters) Continue »