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65 Excellent Flash Designs

With Flash you can do more than just displaying videos. You can create stunning visual experience and offer your visitors incredible user interaction. Although Flash is definitely not the favourite medium for usability and accessibility advocates, it has its advantages and it empowers the Web with functionalities which make it an incredibly interactive medium. With Flash designers can achieve results which simply aren’t possible with (X)HTML and CSS.

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Hello, KARPA!

David Carvalho, has been born in 1980, he is a Portuguese Artist & Designer that has been developing work in many design disciplines, by himself and together with also other artists all around the world for the past years.

We Have Photoshop

We Have Photoshop is a collaboration of four good people – Rebecca, Andrew, Mike, Sebastian. Hit’em!

Domestic Spacial Turbulence

True hand-made graphic design – JK Keller!


Secret graphic experiments of Keetra Dean Dixon.


Graphic design by Chichi Bello.

Kimberly Dulaney

Motion boards and prints by Kim Dulaney!

Wine Is Thicker Than Blood

Illustratons by Bryce Wymer.

By Emie

Storyboards and stills from the motions made by Emie.

Now Thats Time Travel

Amazing design portfolio of Chris Williams!! Thanks to our readers.

Design Rider

Check awesome print and motion works of Rasmus Wängelin. Dose of graphic stuff in Rasmus blog.

Rayform Design

Rayform design was created by Tau Siroko almost two years ago as a creative outlet for his digital work. It now serves as a portfolio for the up and coming digital creative, producing work in print, web and icon design.

Stanislav Sipovich

Design portfolio of Stanislav Sipovich, designer from Prague.


Holy shit, I love Okapi!

Jeremy Cowart

Beauty, celebrity and still life photography by Jeremy Cowart.