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Woodcarvers Create Christmas Masterpieces

Outside view of Toni Baur’s shop for woodcarved articles is seen on Dec.1, 2011 in Oberammergau, Germany. Oberammergau woodcarving tradition, which is the most famous in Bavaria, has its roots in the 12th century, though members of the St. Luke’s guild, the association of Oberammergau woodcarvers, deplore the decline of the tradition both from a lack of new generations of woodcarvers as well as competition from wood figurine factories in northern Italy and Asia. In Oberammergau approximately 50 woodcarvers still churn out figurines of mostly religious motifs throughout the year. (Johannes Simon,Getty Images) Continue »

Detroit Zoo Welcomes 3 Bear Cubs

The three bears were orphaned in October after their mother was shot and killed following an encounter with a person in Alaska. The brothers were later seen in residential areas around Anchorage searching for food before being rescued by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, which decided the cubs couldn’t survive an Alaskan winter without their mother. (John Gomes/Alaska Zoo) Continue »

Elizabeth Taylor’s Jewels up for Auction at Christie’s

Hollywood style icon Elizabeth Taylor’s legendary collections, which include diamond jewellery and clothes, are up for auction at Christie’s Rockefeller Center headquarters in New York. A 16th century pearl necklace of the actress was sold for a record price of more than £7.1 million ($11 million) on the first day of the auction on Tuesday.

The Mike Todd antique diamond tiara at Christie’s auction. (Reuters) Continue »

Lego Recreates Year 2011 From UC Davis to Royal Wedding

When The Guardian began posting pictures of a giant Lego Christmas tree being erected in London’s St. Pancras Station, the newspaper’s Flickr account inspired users to create 3D Lego pictures of 2011, giving “the year’s news” through a series of submissions done entirely in Lego blocks.

Encompassing everything from the pie-ing of Rubert Murdoch to Obama and his national security team in the war room, from the topical and silly to the powerful and transcendent, these artists created not just scenes but occasionally entire worlds within their Lego creations.

Prince William and Kate Middleton kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace following their royal wedding at Westminster Abbey. (allyhook/Twitter) Continue »


The art installation “Mirror” by Karleen Groupierre, Adrien Mazaud and Sophie Daste at the Siggraph Asia conference and exhibition in Hong Kong transforms the face of a person into an animal’s face as they look at it. The Siggraph Asia conference and exhibition brings together over 7,000 artists, designers and trade visitors from close to 50 countries. (Tyrone Siu/Reuters)

It’s Ginkgo Time

Pedestrians stroll under yellow ginkgo trees in Tokyo, Japan. Local residents came out to admire some 150 ginkgo trees displaying their yellow colors along the tree-lined street on a warm winter day. (AFP)

Go Vegitarian

Sheridyn Fisher, wearing a bikini made of lettuce leaves in Sydney, poses for an ad for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Australia as part of a new campaign to encourage people to take up a vegan lifestyle. (Rick Rycroft/Associated Press)

Photo of the Day: Illegal Waste Made in Italy

Greenpeace activists stand near a giant danger sign displayed to protest against the arrival of what they claim to be illegal waste from Italy at the dumping site of Nerva, Spain. The banner reads ‘illegal waste’. (Pedro Armestre/Greenpeace via Reuters) Click image to zoom.

HP Brand Re-Design by Moving Brands

Moving Brands partnered with HP as their lead agency to set a creative vision for the HP brand. The vision was to transform the world’s biggest technology company into the world’s most powerful brand. HP would become the blueprint of a moving brand, built for a moving world. Continue »

Photo of the Day: The Lights of Dubai

The Dubai Mall, the Address Dubai Mall hotel, and Dubai fountain are seen at night in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Dubai and its state-owned non-financial companies have $101.5 billion of outstanding debt and may need further financial support to meet those obligations, Moody’s said. (Gabriela Maj/Bloomberg) Click image to zoom.

Backstage: Selena Gomez Promo Photo Shoots for Gomez Fragnance

Selena Gomez may not have her perfume out yet, but she has been working on the photo shoot for her print ads. And while it is not planned for release until next year, Selena is asking for help again to pick the final scent. As she puts it, she wants a fragrance name that sounds like something sweet and romantic, and that’s why they are holding a contest for a fan to fly out to NYC to help with the fragrance. Continue »

12 Erotic Calendars for the Year 2012!

Here is a selection of 12 hot erotic calendars for the year 2012 for your pleasure. Watch and enjoy ;) Continue »

When Bacon Meets Skyrim

at first, me and 2 friends wanted to cook for some people to celebrate our birthday. but due to a lack of time we decided to reduce it to the 3 of us and cook something epic-meal-time-like. then someone threw in the word skyrim… that´s pretty much it.”

Continue »

Private Companies have Liftoff

A look at the work of private space companies that will attempt to fill the hole left by the end of NASA’s shuttle program.

SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft after its return from orbit. (Mike Altenhofen / SpaceX) Continue »

Innovation Fail: Sometimes it Just doesn’t Work

Every successful invention has had a number of failures in its wake. Some failures are more spectacular than others. We are collecting the more well-known innovation failures here.

Why sweat when you don’t have to? That was the thinking back in the 1940s and ’50s, when vibrator belts were the exercise device of choice. How did they fail? They didn’t burn any fat. In this photo, a woman demonstrates the vibratory exercise belt, which can be raised or lowered by using a T-handle, on Nov. 30, 1946. (Associated Press) Continue »