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BOSQUE is a new multidisciplinary creation studio of graphics and products, with varied techniques and supports, looking for its inspiration in music and different kind of pictures. Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was created by the fusion of the graphic artists and designers Bolsadeosos and Maybe.

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Forgotten Reality

Motel postcards from the past.

Tokyo Unlimited

Mark Hodges, photographer and blogger. Live and work in Tokyo.

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Qian Qian

Qian Qian, nice graphic designer and illustrator from China.

Ludovic Prigent

Ludovic Prigent (iLK™), graphic designer from France.


Eightyfourcube, talented design collective from Malaysia.

Stacy Leigh

Sexy photos from Stacy Leigh. She’s also a photographer for Real Doll.

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Female Bodybuilders Photobook

Debi Laszewski.

In photographs by Martin Schoeller. Published by Pond Press Books.

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as real as it gets

Adobe Photoshop CS4, the making of.

Fortis IQ Watches

New Fortis IQ watches, designed by Rolf Sachs. In love with mathematics.

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Worldwide Packaging Design Awards Competition

Best of the Category: Luxury

Brand: Yaoki
Entrant: Dentsu Kyushu Inc.
Country: Japan

The Platinum LUXURY goes to DENTSU Kyushu of Japan for a very elegant Yaoki sake bottle with a white refined shape and a rounded base, allowing the (self-righting) bottle to regain its vertical position by itself. This sake based on potatoes and the Arita porcelain from which the flask is made are famous on the Japanese island of Kyushu.

Gold Pentaward 2008
Category: Beverages
Sub Category: Soft drinks & juices
Brand: Gloji
Entrant: Gloji Inc
Country: USA

Gold Pentaward 2008
Category: Beverages
Sub Category: Spirits
Brand: Lucid
Entrant: LineaBrand Development
Country: France

All winners.

Obama Style

Identity for… Barack Obama ;) With sense of humor.

I want to believe

Don’t Vote!

Things are fine just the way they are. Grab a poster. Print it. Spread the word!