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Watafak? Design from Argentina!

It’s Art, Dammit!

Portfolio of Jeremy Somers.

Mauro Ramalho

Shit! I love that guy! Mauro Ramalho is a web design terrorist.

Heather McGrath

Photography of Heather McGrath.

Guilherme Marconi

Guilherme Marconi is a very, very talented Brazilian designer and illustrator!

Wonder Woman Coasters

It is a common problem that the nations coffee tables are under attack from evil tea rings and fellow nasty stains. Fear not, Wonder Woman has come to the rescue!

Christopher A. Ritter

Cool potfolio of Christopher A. Ritter, full of typo works.

Richard Sarson

Richard Sarson is a freelance graphic artist based in London. He graduated with a BA in 2004 and gained an MA in 2006 from the Royal College of Art.


Design folio of Ezekiel F. Flores.


George A. Black is soooooo hot, damn! He’s 19.

Jeremy Mac Lynn

Over the years Jeremy Mac Lynn has built up a relationship with a number of boutique brands and individuals. This has proved to be a rich experience and in some ways acts as a test-bed for future projects by JeremyGetsCash.

feltron vii

Awesome print and graphic portfolio of Nicholas Feltron, a New York based designer!

Orgut Cayli: II

And from the other side, Orgut Cayli is a photographer.

Orgut Cayli: I

Let me represent Orgut Cayli twice: he’s talented graphic designer.


Photography by Claudine, 17 years old girl from Switzerland.