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The Parisians – Cover Takeover

Unleash “The Parisians” and let them mess with your favourite bands. Digitally. Please discover Cover Takeover that uses iTunes screensaver as a new media. New campaign from DDB Paris.

No Small Victories – the Art of Sho, 2011

Samuel Ho “Sho” is a traveling salesman with nothing but a well kept collection of hats and an insatiable desire to create. A designer by profession and artist by heart, he has had his hands in designing websites, fashion lines, books, athletic shoes, diamond jewelry, accessories, exhibits, interiors, furniture and many other things. He learned his skills by working the designer circuit in Manhattan, NY and was inspired to take up illustration from his roommates in Brooklyn. Blurring the line between fine art and innovative commercial work, Sho has refused to pledge to just one discipline of design so he continues to take on multi-faceted projects.

Nazario Graziano | STUDIO – Portfolio Update

Nazario Graziano portfolio update with new art directions, illustrations and misc projects.

Gunther Von Hagens’ Fascinating Animal Plastinates at the Cologne Zoo


Experience curious creatures at Cologne Zoo from April 15 to September 30! Plastinator Dr. Gunther von Hagens and curator Dr. Angelina Whalley present their unique exhibition BODY WORLDS of Animals in the famous cathedral city for the first time. Young and old zoo- visitors can join an unforgettable anatomical safari in the multipurpose hall of the tropical house and in the rhino house. Shown are 20 spectacular whole-body plastinates plus an impressive variety of single specimens, slices and plastinated organs of elephant, giraffe, bear, gorilla, horse, ostrich and many other animal species. An adventure in biology seen up close – much more vividly than any anatomy book! Continue »

Chirply – Community for Design Lovers

Chirply is a community of artists and design lovers that want to make better stuff through better design! The community collectively decides what the best submitted designs are, and then those designs are made into things we use everyday like greeting cards, notebooks, and wrapping paper!

Advertising In Arabic Way


The Muslim world has unusual prohibitions in advertising. This is due to the national and religious peculiarities of Islamic countries. Any advertising, including logos, should be forcibly adapted to local cultural values and the Arabic language. In order to do this you must know what various animals symbolize, what symbols indicate and how those or other subjects can be interpreted in Islamic countries.

For example, dogs are considered to be “dirty animals”, so you can rarely see them in advertising. Fish symbolizes Christianity, a crow – death, and a chameleon – hypocrisy. Continue »

Beijing Night Life: Natives, Streets, Girls, Clubs

Beijing Night Life: Natives, Streets, Girls, Clubs
Klubb Rouge night club visitors.

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Solidified Memories

“As the world awaits China’s “Olym_pic bow”, the North-Eastern city of Dalian shines out as China’s “most habitable city”.

But away from Beijing and the media spotlights, hidden among the uptown hotels and sky rises lies a derelict and neglected neighborhood with a community in need. Faced with the realisation that their homes may be destroyed at anytime, the inhabitants are placed in a difficult situation as terrible living conditions are brushed aside by a local govern_ment who have planned to demolish the area for years. In a city whose people live to remember the war atrocities of Japanese invaders, residents remain torn over the fate of an area which houses both fond memories and a painful past. As China redevelops at an astounding rate much of its precious heritage is destroyed. This project takes photography back to its rawest and most intimate form – remembering.”

A photo story of Boris Austin, that aims to show that there is a lot more happening in China than the well known realities of economic development and the Olympic games.

Please note – *Certain* Words have been intentionally misspelled in order for this story to remain available online from within China.

As a group of young boys race through the streets, time for this historic neighborhood and its community may be running out. Among the many stories are plans for building apartment blocks and business parks and even the idea that the old town will be saved and become a movie park for film makers. With the planned demolition delayed and mounting rumors over its redevelopment, the fate of the old town lies truly unknown.

A brand new building containing luxury apartments towers over the edge of the old town.

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Heavy hand, sunken spirit: Mexico at war

Heavy Hand, Sunken Spirit is an ongoing project about the societal costs and consequences of Mexico’s violent drug war. It frames the violence as a symptom, as opposed to the problem, and one of a variety of symptoms that will haunt the country for generations. This country is in the midst of a “conflict” in every sense of the word, and when documenting this conflict it is important not to reduce what is happening to a series of nearly anonymous images of carnage that could be happening anywhere. Continue »

Giant QR Code

This giant QR code was found by Michael Surtees. Located in NYC, near Wooster and Grand St. Continue »

Naked Accessories

Art photo-project by photographer Anna Ponomareva. (NSFW) Continue »

Poketo Unveils Upcycled Accessory Line Made From Vintage Sofa Leather


Mass produced gives way to one-of-a-kind, no-other-like-it-in-the world. As a follow-up to its massively successful release of upcycled bags made from street banners, vintage clothing and couches this time last year, Poketo unveils a beautifully handcrafted line of upcycled accessories made from 100 percent vintage sofa leather. Continue »

Photo of the Day: Asakusa Astronaut

Fukushima stalker-girl walking down the street of Tokyo. Photo by Justin Pell.

FRUITZ Watches

Looking for something different, refreshing, fun and fashionable, that also promotes relaxation through proprietary Natural Frequency Technology? Welcome to Fruitz Watches! Continue »


A watermelon inspiration. Created by Racket. Continue »