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Mariko Mori, famous Japanese artist, and her UFOs.


Experimental digital puppy representing by Jeremy Rotsztain.


Fantastic patterns and colour amusements of Daniele De Nigris.

Words Are Pictures

Fantastic typo design of Craig Ward!

The Rainbowmonkey

The Rainbowmonkey is the online portfolio of designer Markus Hofko.

Love With Doll

Silicon Natsuki inspires you with a real silicon pleasure. Take her to your home (or office).

Hello, I’m Your Mac. Buy Me.

If you are looking to save up to 50% to 75% off of new & used Macs equipment prices, you have come to the right place to shop. Those guys stock a wide selection of the most popular used Macs.

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Very cool designs by someone behind the nick of NKeo. Post No. 1000 on DYT. Congrats!

Dustin Edward Arnold

Omg, I found a real, multibrains craftsman! Enjoy, Dustin Edward Arnold.


X-Rated Collection

Adult movie posters of the 60s and 70s. Via The Serif.

Idiot Copenhagen

Kasper Ledet is a 20 years old graphic designer and illustrator living in Copenhagen, Denmark. He works with both digital and analogue tools to create paintings, drawings, logos, printed matter and motion graphics. His work is inspired by modernism, psychedelic art, anatomy, plants, abstract systems, pictograms and his own imagination.

Gettin’ Sexy Without You

Soggy Cat

Via chuv1.

Stanley Lau

Amazing Stanley Lau, from Singapore.