Motor Coach and Yacht! Terra Wind’s Luxurious Amphibious Vehicle

Coined as the world’s “first true amphibious coach” the Terra Wind RV has been created by Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International LLC (C.A.M.I.) owners John and Julie Giljam.

The vehicle, Terra Wind, has the ability to travel on highways at speeds of up to 80 mph and even serve as a yacht, crossing the water at 7 knots.

What makes driving the Terra Wind RV smooth and reliable is a Caterpillar engine, Allison transmission and Neway front and rear air suspension. Apart from this, an all-aluminum hull, a marine drive transmission and a one-touch rudder control makes maneuvering simple. Added safety measures include two onboard automatic fire extinguishers and a three-zone bilge pump system.

“The Terra Wind has been designed with the ultimate in luxury in mind. The land, the lake and the luxury are what we are here to give every owner. Whether traveling on land or in the water, you can be traveling first class,” stated Julie Giljam.

The concept of the vehicle is reported to have stemmed from the company’s line of Hydra-Terra amphibious vessels. Apart from sightseeing, the Hydra-Terra also has the capacity for search and rescue operations and many of its safety features have been incorporated into the Terra Wind.

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