Photographer Took A Pictures Of Colorful Bus Stops Across Belarus

For the series ‘It Must Be Beautiful’, photographer Alexandra Soldatova captures colorful painted bus stops across Belarus. In an interview, Soldatova explains that since the 1980s, various unknown artists painted over the walls of the bus stops to beautify reality. Additionally, the motifs differ depending on the region, for instance, flowers appear around the eastern town of Orsha, while landscapes are mostly featured along the southern road of Zitkovich Turov.

On the inspiration behind the project, the photographer says in a statement: “In Belarus, my home country, people love when everything looks neat, clean and beautiful. I decided to search for origins of this fact. So I researched the environment where people normally live and I was looking for rather outstanding and at the same time very common things, which could influence the esthetic feeling of a person.”

“This project is about decorating reality. All these paintings on the bus stops are made through local authorities by unknown “artists” with the only purpose to beautify empty landscape.”


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